Adney’s Miss Universe 2016-17 Hotpicks! [Quality Post]


This year started off with a lot of expectations from a lot of girls but when it came down to when it mattered the most, many disappointed and many underdogs rose to the occasion.  That being said, the girls who reigned supreme were the ones who also belonged to the best national pageants in the world.  Now its only the second year of IMG taking over the reins of Miss Universe and one can never be sure of what exactly they are looking for.  With so many changes this year, one can expect a lot of heartbreaks, shocks and pleasant surprises in the finals. So taking many criteria into play, let me present my choices for Miss Universe 2016-17.

You wished it, you got it: La France


Iris Mittenaere came and conquered. She was effortless and it showed.  Many girls tried too hard and it showed, but France was pure elegance and her styling was on point.  She garnered endearment from pageant fans all over with her grace and poise.  Not many Europeans shone during the presentation and this elevated her even more.  Is this the year when a European nation finally snatches the MU crown through France? It’s certainly possible

And the crowd goes wild for – The Philippines


Home turf advantage? I don’t think so.  Filipino delegates always come prepared and Maxine is no exception.  Her stage presence is obvious.  Her gown and swimsuit presentation were both top notch.  A back to back?  Why not?

Say Hola to Venezuela


Now Miriam Habach isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  This latina with Syrian roots is not your typical Venezuelan in the looks department and I certainly had my reservations but hey what she lacks in facial beauty, she makes it up with her top notch performance.

Next up its Brazilll


Raissa Santana never really lost her spark since her coronation as Miss Brazil.  Her unique hair and being black winner after 30 years certainly played in her favor.  She is an effortless beauty and a crowd favorite.  When it came to prelims, she certainly turned many heads.

Put your hands together for Colombia


Andrea Tovar was definitely on the radar after the whole debacle of wrong announcement last year.  Would Andrea avenge for Ariadna’s misfortune last year?  For me she delivered but she came off as a bit overconfident.  I’m really not sure if she will place as this year the emphasis is more on personality and less on performance.

Completing the first half is Thailand


Chalita wowed everyone since day one when she landed as a perfection.  Her performance throughout was upbeat and worthy of a talk.  Thailand can take it all, but she should stick to her native tongue because English seems to be her Achilles heel.  We’ll have to wait and watch on how she brings it on. But for now she is top 6 material.

Positions 7- 9

Sierra Leone – Nicaragua – Mexico

These 3 girls shined in 3 different ways from the get go.  Sierra Leone débuts this year and also happens to be bald.  Her unique features along with being trained by Filipinos holds a strong chance that she will make it.  Nicaragua brought it forward with a superb power-packed performance in the prelims.  Her energy was commendable and she is a gorgeous girl.  Mexico is another powerful sash who didn’t disappoint. Her performance was in her high spirits and certainly ticked many boxes.

Positions 10 -12

Belgium – Curacao – USA

Many of you might be wondering why I put Belgium in the list, well I believe there will be atleast 2 Europeans in the top 12 and Belgium was best after France (Europe was super weak)  She gave a decent performance.  Curacao was Fierce with a capital F. One does not expect a weak sash to perform so well but when they do, the fans are blown away and so was I.  USA is a mere formality in the top 12.  I don’t really like her but she has a strong sash and will definitely place.

Strong possibilities to place:

Indonesia – Australia – Ukraine – Dominican Republic – Puerto Rico – Aruba – Spain – India

These girls certainly performed well but lacked something which I cant put really put a finger on.  Till I figure out, I’ll keep them as my alternate choices.

Sentimental Favorites

Portugal – Kenya

These 3 are my sentimental favourites. They may not have performed the best but there is always a hope that they will place.

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Author: Adney Goncalves