Miss Universe 2016: TGPC’s Final Hotpicks [Exclusive]


Miss Universe 2016 has been perhaps one of the best editions in many years.  The Philippines is an amazing host.  The contestants have been really active and there have been so many events.  They received a lot of exposure and many chances to express themselves.  The new Management of Miss Universe is changing many things but at the same time many things are still the same.  This time only 12 contestants will make it to the semi-finals.  With such a good bunch of contestants, we wish there were at least 20 spots.  Having Top 12 makes it more difficult to choose the best.  The preliminary competition brings a lot of clarity, but this year it is being said that interviews have more weightage (60 % instead of 33.33 %) As per hearsay.  Here our experts have put forward their predictions for Top 12 based on everything that has been seen in the pageant by far.

No. 1 Miss France – Iris Mittenaere 

Miss Universe 2016

The pageant followers have always considered Iris to be the front-runner from Europe but with prelims she has emerged out as a possible winner for Miss Universe 2016 title.  Her aura is undeniable and magnetic.  She shined in swimsuit as well as evening gown rounds.  Her impressive personality can help her chances further and we may finally have a Miss Universe from Europe after 2 decades!  The last European Miss Universe was Mona Grudt from Norway, who was interestingly a judge in Miss Universe 1994 which was held in the Philippines.

No. 2 Miss Venezuela – Mariam Habach

venezuelaMariam is a star!  She has been one from the day the pageant started and simply mesmerized everyone in the preliminary competition as well.  She is a Miss Universe just waiting to be officially acknowlegded.  No surprises if she wins!  She will be the 8th winner from her country.

No. 3 Miss Nicaragua – Marina Jacoby


Marina is the find of the pageant!  She was no where in any list when the pageant begun but suddenly climbed at the top in majority lists as the competition progressed.  She was good in the prelims as well.  Her natural, innocent vibe in addition to the “Edymar Martinez” beauty makes her a possible contender.  We would be more than glad if she wears “Miss Universe” sash on 30th.

No. 4 Miss Philippines – Maxine Medina


Former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz was in news recently when she said that Maxine has zilch chance of winning Miss Universe.  She later clarified her opinion saying that Maxine is from host country and hence the maximum she can place is first runner-up.  We agree with the opinion but at the same time it is difficult to not put her high in the list.  Apart from the amazing support she gets, which was visible even in the prelims, she did actually a great job.  Her cutesy avatar in swimsuit competition was delightful to watch, while in the evening gown round she went back to her fierce mode.  We hope she changes her gown in the finals though.

No. 5 Miss Mexico – Kristal Silva


Kristal has always been a favorite, although she was never on top of the lists.  She doesn’t have any noticeable flaw.  Her beauty has universal appeal and you can find her type of look popular in any and every part of the world.  Add to this, she is doing well in terms of stage presentations.

No. 6 Miss Thailand – Chalita Suansane


Chalita has shown immense improvement in the recent weeks.  Her walk, her personality, her presence – everything has gone from 6/10 to 9/10.  In the prelims, she looked stunning in the swimsuit round.  We have reservations about her gown, but she presented herself well even in the evening gown round.  The Thais are passionately supporting her and she has a good shot at winning the public vote entry in Top 12.

No. 7 Miss Indonesia – Kezia Warouw


As per hearsay, Kezia is trained by Jonas Gaffud and the results are visible.  The aura of the girl is amazing.  Her walk is good and she is definitely a contender for the crown.  While some people are dissing her for the tripping in evening gown round, she still has a good chance to pull off a win at finals.

No. 8 Miss Panama – Keity Drennan

16357807_1257140557710809_58371881_oKeity came into limelight with her performance in the swimsuit competition of Cebu.  People loved her glamshot too!  In the prelims, she was outstanding in the swimsuit competition.  While the design of the gown was good and she worked it amazingly, how we wish the color was different.  Nevertheless she was good.  She is one of the girls who can pull off surprise victory in the finals!

No. 9 Miss Puerto Rico – Brenda Jimenez


Somehow many people on the internet claim that Dayanara Torres will favor the Puerto Rican contestant.  Now we don’t know if it’s true or not, but Brenda definitely doesn’t need any favor to do place in Top 12.  She was impressive in both rounds of the presentation show.

No. 10 Miss Colombia – Andrea Tovar


Andrea has been one of the most talked-about contestants of the pageant this year.  In the beginning itself, she was in controversy due to her video on sponsor gifts.  As days passed, she became known for her extrovert personality. In the presentation show, she delivered in both rounds though.  Her muscular look has been called “bit too huge” by few, while her gown has won lot of criticism.  In anycase, it seems difficult to keep her out from the semi-finals.

No. 11 Miss Australia – Caris Tiivel


Australian Misses always wear good gowns and national costumes.  However, it isn’t true this year.  Nevertheless Caris is gorgeous and delivered a performance strong enough for Top 12 placement.

No. 12 Miss India – Roshmitha Harimurthy


Roshmitha has done a lot of modelling in recent years and that shows in her performances during the presentation show.  There was nothing pageant-patty about what she did.  People misunderstand this as “lack of energy”, but that wasn’t the case.  The girl was confident and calm in both rounds.  We liked her gorgeous red gown too!  Ace designer Swapnil Shinde did a fabulous job there and Roshmitha did good justice to it with a confident presentation.



Malaysia is facially stunning and gave her best in both rounds of the presentation show.  Sierra Leone is so confident!  She has been shining in the pageant from Day 1.  Ukraine has a stunning face and the amazing gown just made it her look more mind-blowing!  USA has failed to place in Miss Universe just few times and Deshauna wasn’t “that bad” in the presentation show.

16388589_1257251127699752_1705809279_oBelgium is so stunning!  Those eyes are magnetic.  How we wish she had chose a better gown in the prelims!  Brazil is weak in facial beauty, but wore the best gown in prelims and has a fabulous body.  Canada has made news by her confident stance towards those who fat-shame her and the new management of the pageant seems to love such stuff.  Dominican Republic was impressive in the presentation show.

Miss Universe 2016 has been one of the best editions of Miss Universe ever and we hope the finals conclude this festival in a grand way.  Let’s hope for a great show and a great winner!

Pic Credit: Miss Universe Organization.