Miss Universe 2016: Major Changes in Format

Miss Universe 2016 is going on in full swing and we already multiple favourite girls who are our picks for the crown. The most difficult thing this year is that even the weak sash countries have sent stunning delegates to the contest. Many of the pageant fans were stating that there should at least be Top 20 to give credits to those stunner but today morning we received a major format change from the officials of Miss Universe through their communication channels. The changes in this year format are as below:

Miss Universe 2016: Major Changes in Format

  1. There is a very much possibility of only Top 12 contestants rather than Top 15. Miss Universe banner states that one of the girls with highest votes will make it to Top 12 and rest 11 girls will be selected with regular merits. Now there is a slight chance of having Top 16 or Top 20 and then cutting them to Top 12 but we feel it might not just happen. Because Miss universe organisation went to home countries of almost half of the contestants to shoot their video so most probably the focus on those videos shall be more one finalists are declared in the finale.
  2. This time the girls will not walk one by one in swimsuit round. They shall rather be walking in the group of 4 at a time. Earlier this year, Miss Teen USA removed the swimsuit section and brought in sports wear. Looks like the new organisation wants to focus less on the swimsuit portion during the finale. It would be interesting to see how this affects the viewership of Miss Universe 2016 finale.

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