Seven Wonders of Miss Universe 2016

65th Annual Miss Universe Pageant is on Full Swing as the Philippines for the third time is proving that they have the biggest fan base in the entire Universe and has been serving as a gracious host so far. Here I have come up with the 7 ladies who I think have the biggest Shot of Winning the Miss Universe Crown this year.

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Beginning With Thailand!!!!

Chalita Suansane, Miss Universe Thailand 2016

Miss Thailand Chalita Suansane’s Win at her national pageant initially caused a huge uproar as she was not a heavy favorite to win the crown. By the very fact that she conquered the title beating all those so called front runners gives us a clear idea of what she is capable of. Entering into the First 6 Months of her reign, Boom! She blossomed to be fabulous winner. I have never seen a girl competing for the Miss Universe title who is styled so well in the recent past. From the Photo shoots to the breath taking National Costume, Its obvious that the national Organization has spend a lot in her journey towards the Crown and Its Payback time now.

Next up , USA!!!

Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016

Miss USA Deshauna Barber is another underdog who literally came out of nowhere to snatch the DIC crown. Touted out to be one of the least facially attractive Miss USA winners in the recent past, she makes it up with her Killer Personality. When she talks, she has this amazing capability to pull anyone towards her and I think If she makes Top 5 , then its Bye Bye girls, she will eat the other girls alive with her answer. She is Wonder because she proved that girl like her who often end up bashed or unnoticed can win a pageant and I have this feeling that she might just conquer the Universe this Jan 29th.

Number 3 Spot Belongs to the Philippines!!

Maxine Medina, Miss Universe Philippines 2016

Miss Philippines, Maria Mike Maxine Medina is a perfect representative for the Philippines in its quest to achieve back to back for the country. Her biggest assets are her Sharp oriental looks which easily separates her from other girls. Now that her country is hosting the pageant, she is expected to make a top 3 at least and who knows Possible B2B. Her downfall is lack of fluency in English and as per reports she will be using an interpreter for the finale. So they are serious about the Crown. Get ready to see a Filipino crowning another filipino in the Filipino soil. That will be an epic moment!

Next up is  Venezuela !!!

Mariam Habach

Miss Venezuela Mariam Habach, who was criticized in the beginning for not being a typical “ Miss Venezuela” has shut everyone’s mouth with her hardwork which translated into an amazing transformation. She easily has the best body in this competition and best walk along with Towering height. She is expected to Nail Evening Gown and Swimsuit Section. Knowing the Filipino Love for Venezuelan Queens, I will not be Surprised if she went on win it all the way. The Czar of beauty Pageants, Osmel sousa is on his way to Manilla, so I’m sure Mariam will put up a great fight for the Crown

PS : She looked Impeccable during the Governer’s Ball

At No 5 , is Miss Indonesia

Kezia Warouw

From being a regular Clapper at the International Pageant Arena to being the country of the Year, Indonesian Queens and fans has come a long way. You can just sense how much efforts they put in for each and every queen and finally they are getting their rewards. Kezia was not a genuine STUNNER, but the People who work inside made sure that she looks like a Miss Universe, now under the able guidance of One of the most successful pageant camps in the philipines, Aces and Queens. Everything  about her is done so well and for their honest effort, I hope this girl end up as the first Miss Indonesia to reach Top 10 and Top 5 and maybe win it all. Kezia’s Success story is proof enough that when you have a strong organization behind your back and Supportive fans, you can achieve anything.

At No 6 , is  Miss Brazil

Raissa Santana

From the moment she was crowned as Miss Brazil, she is ultimate Front runner for the title. Her Unique Looks makes her a stand out and although at times she looks manly, with right styling and projection, No One can come close to her. She is perfection from head to toe. Knowing the love for MUO towards Brazil, this country who is in its quest to win the 3rd Miss Universe Crown for a longer period of time might just get her Due and Raissa Santana will make one great Winner in all honesty

Finally at No 7, is Miss Australia

Caris Tiivel
When it comes to sending A list delegates to Miss Universe, Australia has been very consistent for the Past few year and Caris is no exception. She is beauty with brains and she perfectly fits into the slogan of Miss Universe “Confidently Beautiful”. Everything about her is perfection from Face to body to her communication skills and I have this feel that Australia might get their due this year through this Stunning Beauty!