[Freshly In] Arnold Vegafria is the new Franchise holder of Miss World Philippines

Arnold Vegafria is the new Franchise holder of Miss World Philippines

After the news circulated that Ms. Cory Quirino gave up the franchise of Miss World Philippines, people were curious to know who will be the new owner. It is now official that Mr. Arnold Vegafria is the new franchise holder of Miss World Philippines. He will also be sending delegates to Mister World Philippines. This is what he said,

“I am very happy to have been awarded the exclusive license for the MISS WORLD AND MR. WORLD PAGEANTS IN THE PHILIPPINES. Thank you Julia Morley and Steve Douglas for your trust and confidence! With your support and guidance, I can assure you that we will continue to live up to the prestige and honor that Miss World Organization deserves- not just in the Philippines but across the world. We will look forward to discovering and mentoring a new breed of Filipina beauties who, just like Miss World 2013 Megan Young, will perpetuate the noble legacy of Miss World Organization’s guiding principle ; “Beauty With A Purpose. “.

Previously, Arnold Vegafria served as the vice-president of Miss World Philippines organisation. It would be interesting to see how well he produces the results of upcoming Miss World Philippines. It would definitely be a challenging task to continue the legacy that Cory left behind. We wish him all the best in this journey forward.


One response to “[Freshly In] Arnold Vegafria is the new Franchise holder of Miss World Philippines

  1. Cory Quirino is Cory Quirino. She made the best decision to drop the MW franchise. MW is a cooking show that if you don’t have the money you will end up eating nothing from the hands of the wrinkled skin of Julia Morley. Obviously there was and will continue to have favoritism lurking behind every edition of this pageant and I am talking of the crown hungry Liliana the Nat Director of Indonesia sitting as judge. By hook or by crook she will get a crown in conspiracy with Captain Hook Julia Morley. What a waste of effort and time people are spending on and for this contest when it smells of putrefied fish like Julia smells.


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