Miss Kyrgyzstan 2013, Zhibek Nukeeva NEEDS HELP!

Miss Kyrgyzstan 2013, Zhibek Nukeeva NEEDS HELP!
Source: MrUson Berdibay on Facebook

An open letter by Miss Kyrgyzstan 2013, Zhibek Nukeeva who represented her country at Miss World 2013, is going viral on the internet.  As per the letter, Zhibek is suffering from cancer and needs monetary support.  Please find the letter as follow.

“My dear Angel!
My name is Zhibek. I am 21 years old. I am the mother of wonderful four-month baby Iman. We live in the city of Bishkek in the Kyrgyz Republic. I am writing this letter to ask for help.
My story is short, time is not in my favor. It all began in September 2016, when the usual appointments being 7 months pregnant has become a nightmare. I was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma hipbone third degree. Atypical cancer for 21 years, which aggressively increased. I could not believe what was happening to me. Doctors recommend hold immediate caesarean section as soon as possible.

I will not forget that moment of boundless joy when I saw my son and bitterness when we separated. Iman was taken to intensive care, and I was taken to a cancer clinic. We were separated by 2 months. To say that these two months have been difficult to say nothing: the hospital, chemotherapy, mood swings, not very comforting predictions of doctors, increase in cancer, but every time I was waiting for a meeting with Iman. At each meeting, he kindles in me hope, gives me the strength and incentive to fight no matter what. Nicknames words can not describe how much I love this man, and how my heart aches at the thought that I leave him, he will be without his mom.

Passed 2 courses of chemotherapy, but it was not effective, the tumor continues to grow. In the hope that overseas there is a possibility to recover, I was taken home to Turkey in the cancer clinic “Anodolu,” but there it turned out that the tumor is very large, and the operation can not be done, the only option left for me the passage of proton therapy. Unfortunately, in Kyrgyzstan, there is no such possibility, and the closest viable option – proton therapy centers in Prague, Czech Republic. According to information provided by the Centre for the cost of therapy will be 80,000 euros.

Donations can be made to help Zhibek as follows: Earning from anywhere in the world via VISA, QIWI, WALLET at the number: +996559182383.  National Director of Miss Kyrgyzstan, Mr Uson Berdibay has reportedly seeked help from Miss World Organization in the matter.