Are beauty pageants relevant in today’s times? [Food for Thought]

Firstly, the girls who chose to participate in a beauty pageant vie to achieve name, fame, fortune and overcomes the fear of facing the world. It is definitely a platform to get into the glamour world.

Secondly, the pageant organization gathers sponsors of all kinds. Sponsors who commercializes the beauty of a women to endorse their product let it be swim suit, beauty products, designer cloths or media itself. Isn’t it all business? Accept it or not the sponsors plays a big role on the whole event whether it is judging or the format of the pageant. Well they are sponsors; fair and square.

Here comes the pageant followers; despite knowing all the loopholes why they are in it? What they are getting from it? A role model to look up to or pure entertainment? Let me give you a reality check. Pageants are a national event in many countries let it be USA, Venezuela or Philippines. People invest a lot of their time and interest to follow pageants. But is it worth it?

By what standards are pageants judged? Who decides what is the ideal waist size? Who decides what is the ideal weight? Who decides what is the right height?

Case in question: Miss Grand Iceland leaves Miss Grand International 2016 after being called fat. By what standards are pageants judged? Who decides what is the ideal waist size? Who decides what is the ideal weight? Who decides what is the right height? (Image source: Miss Grand International Facebook; Miss Grand Iceland during Miss Grand International 2016 before she absconded.)

According to the beauty pageant standards a women ought to have certain physical attributes for instance height, weight etc. Isn’t it objective? The standard of beauty that these pageants sets is practically unattainable for a lot of woman out there. Does that mean they are less beautiful? Then in what way a beauty pageant winner symbolises womanhood? For the sake of satisfaction we can say there are beauty queens who speaks up and works for social issues and tries making impact on society.

But honestly we will get one in a ten beauty queen who actually does that and one in a hundred followers who notices. All we care about how they look, walk, pose or dress up. You may hate me for this but all you are getting from beauty pageants is a power to judge and comment on the beauty of others as long as no one questions your own beauty. How convenient is that?

Apart from all the criticism, on a good note pageants gives us a sense of nationalism like any other international event gives. The rush in your blood when you hear your country name which is a good enough reason to follow pageants and support your country.

Do let us know your comments on the subject and express your opinions via the poll.

Author: Ariangel Isshiika


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