The Five Biggest Pageant Controversies of 2016

A year of transition and evolution is about to finish. The pageant world never runs out of controversies that shocks the world. Let’s scratch your memory a little bit to remind some of the biggest controversies in pageantry that hit on this year.

5. Miss International – The Beauty & the President

Kylie Verzosa’s win was not a surprise, but many believe her sash played a big role in her success. She had not won if she was say Miss Fiji or Miss Chile. (Image: Instagram)
The Japan-based pageant surfaced with controversies when Miss International Philippines uploaded a picture of her on Instagram with the President of the Philippines while competing for the said pageant quoting, “she is the luckiest to meet the President at his visit to Japan”.  Well we all know the finale results.

4. Miss Grand International – Fat-shaming controversy

Miss Grand Iceland created a stir with her actions during Miss Grand International. (Image: Miss Grand International on Facebook)
The new pageant that has gathered quite a fan following in less than 4 years also met with some serious accusations.  Miss Grand Iceland Karna Yr Jonsclottir left the pageant accusing Mr Nawat for fat shaming. ” They tell me I’m too fat and should control diet before finale”, she quoted. Putting her dignity in her clutch, she left the pageant midway.

3. Miss Earth – The gown, rigging and so much more

Venezuela’s pageant guru Osmel Souza called Miss Earth a 4th grade pageant.
We can name it as Miss Controversies 2016.  Starting from Miss Venezuela and Miss India swimming oceans of controversies to be in the pageant to Miss Philippines giving controversial remarks on the President of Philippines as well as calling the winner plastic; well, well!  There are more. The gown controversy trended for a while; the gown in question was the winning Leo Almodal gown was initially made for Miss Philippines but was given to Miss Ecuador. Miss Philippines said the incident to be unethical, Miss Ecuador was unaware of everything and Leo Almodal clarified his stand on the matter.  Pheww… We are still not done with the pageant. The biggest controversy of ME this year is the winner being accused of sleeping with one of the organisers by a national director. God only knows the truth. We rest the case.

2. Miss world – National Director as judge!

Miss Indonesia Natasha Mannuela won Beauty With a Purpose and Miss World 2nd Runner-up. But she was bashed left, right and center on the internet post the results.
This year too MW failed to prove its credibility with the aroused accusations. The Puerto Rican ND’s daughter, who is a former MW sat on the judging panel, the Indonesian ND was also included in the judging panel, Puerto Rico and Indonesia together sponsored a fashion show at the said pageant; is it all serendipity? The questions remain unanswered…….

1. Anastasia Lin speaks up again

Anastasia Lin was not allowed to participate in 2015, but she got the chance in 2016. Still Miss World didn’t give her much chance to flaunt herself or her thoughts.
Last but not the least, the controversy worth being in the news is Miss Canada’s BWAP project for MW.  Her BWAP was about illegal organ harvesting among Falun Gong followers in China, whose organs were taken against their will and sold for profit. The project grabbed the headlines and was trending. She may not have won the BWAP but surely won hearts and a hell lot of attention.
Author: Isshiika Ariangel