An interesting trend indicates Indonesia might win Miss Universe 2016.

Recently, an interesting trend was notice on the social media where people were quoting the dual win of countries at international pageants this year. The trend was so realistic that it’s too good to be ignored. The trend says that all the winning countries of noticeable pageants have won twice this year, except one. Lets have a look at the trend.

Miss Universe 2016

Puerto Rico: The country won Miss World 2016 and Miss Intercontinental 2016

India: The country won Miss Supranational 2016 and Miss Globe 2016

Ecuador: The country won Miss Earth 2016 and Miss Global 2016

Philippines: The country won Miss International 2016 and Miss United Continents 2016

Indonesia: The country won Miss Grand International 2016

This leaves Indonesia as the only country which hasn’t won in a pair and we all know that the upcoming most awaited pageant is Miss Universe 2016 which shall be held in the Philippines in coming January. Now the psychic protectionists are feeling that it will be Indonesia going as per the trend. There is a slight catch here, we have Miss Tourism International 2016 going on in Malaysia currently which has finale on 31st December 2016. So if Indonesia wins there, the parity will be completed and we might look out for the new country as the front-runner or else be ready to see Indonesia taking the top spot at Miss Universe. Indonesia has any performed very well in most of the international pageants this year. So we won’t surprised to see the country win. Do you think its possible?

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