Natalie Short of Cook Islands wins Miss World 2016 Sports finals

Natalie Short
Miss Cook Islands – Natalie Short

Natalie Short of Cook Island has won the Miss World 2016 Sports finals on 12th December 2016 and thus got a direct entry in Top 20 semi-finalists of Miss World 2016.  In fact, Natalie Short is the first confirmed semi-finalist of Miss World 2016.  Natalie Short will be remembered forever for becoming the first woman from Cook Islands to enter the semi-finals of Miss World pageant.  She also made it to the Top 21 of Miss World Talent.

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Miss World 2016 Sports Final Results:
1st: Cook Islands
2nd: Croatia
3rd: Malta

Best Team: RED

Miss World 2016 Sports Finalists:
Red Group: Australia, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands, England, Gibraltar, Malta, Scotland & United States
White Group: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Latvia, New Zealand, Panama & Singapore
Blue Group: Aruba, Bulgaria, Denmark, Honduras, Hungary, Montenegro, Spain & Uruguay

Miss World is the only international pageant in which Sports competition takes place in major way.  There is a lot more to women than physical appearances.  Miss World has become a platform by which young ladies from all parts of the world can flaunt their talents, personalities and sports skills in addition to beauty & ramp skills.

Image Credits: Miss World