Miss Supranational 2016: TGPC’s Final Hotpicks

On 2nd December 2016, Stephania Stegman of Paraguay will be crowning Miss Supranational 2016 winner.  With every passing year, Miss Supranational pageant is becoming a bigger and more successful brand.  Unlike Miss Earth, Miss Supranational has managed to maintain a clean image.  Unlike Miss International, the pageant is highly entertaining.  Miss Grand International is still not receiving universal acceptance in spite of good progress, but Miss Supranational in its 8th year itself has been well-received by global pageant fans over the years.  Miss Supranational 2016 pageant has been exciting, especially because of the strong contestants.  Our experts had a tough time coming up with a good prediction list.


Picking the winner this year was tricky because there are many strong performers.  Finally we zero-ed in on Miss Suriname Jaleesa Pigot.  We expect 2016 to be path-breaking for the pageant because Jaleesa can be their first black winner.  And she will be a great choice.  The girl is classy, smart and highly presentable.  India and Venezuela were close-shots for the 1st spot.  Miss India Srinidhi Shetty is actually the best looking representative from the country in this pageant by far.  Yes, Asha Bhat is fabulous but Srinidhi Shetty scores a bit higher in terms of physical beauty.  She is charming and congenial.  Miss Venezuela Valeria Vespoli can be the first Miss Supranational from Venezuela.  She is perfect in every way, like you expect from any Venezuelan beauty queen.  For now, we think the crown would probably adorn the head of one of these three stunners.

Hungary leads the European contingent for us.  Indonesia is one of the best delegates from her country of all-time and is highly popular.  Ecuador, Ukraine, South Africa find places in our list due to their overall appeal.  Myanmar, China, Thailand have actually performed better than expected in the pageant by far.  Mexico was a big favorite when the pageant started but she is losing fans.  Philippines is actually a bit weak compared to some of her counterparts in other international pageants this year.  Poland and Slovak Republic are strong enough for placements, although we do not deny ‘home-ground advantage’ as one of the reasons why we think they can do well in finals.

Within few hours, we will know the winner of the pageant.  Cliché it sounds, but may the best girl win!

Credits: Miss Supranational