Miss World 2016 Talent Semi-finalists declared

Miss World 2016 Talent Semi-finalists
Miss World 2016 contestants during Talent Auditions

Miss World 2016 Contestants recently competed in a very first fast track challenge of ‘Talent Audition’. There was a various combination of traditional dancers, singers, acts etc. All the girls went through the first screening rounds and a total 0f 21 girls were shortlisted to go for final scrutiny where the judges will pick the winner. The shortlisted contestants are:

Chile – Violin
Cook Islands – Dance + Drum
Croatia – Singer
Czech Republic – Dancer
Fiji – Bollywood Dance
Hungary – Acrobatic Gymnastic Dance
Latvia – Contemporary Dance
Malta – Contemporary Dance
Mongolia – Magic & Quick Change Artist
Philippines – Singer
Poland – Singer
Puerto Rico – Singer
Russia – Contemporary Ballet
Scotland – Cheerleader/Gymnast
Serbia – Singer
Slovenia – Tango
South Africa – Singer
Ukraine – Piano & Dance
Canada – Piano
India – Traditional Dance
Ecuador – Singer

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It is exciting to see that most of the front-runners like Puerto Rico, Philippines, India, Russia, Mongolia, Ukraine etc have made it through this round. Now these 21 girls are eligible to get certain amount of points that will add into their leaderboard table to determine the Top 15 (or 10) semi-finalists in Miss World 2016 finale. Who do you think has chance to win the talent round? Any guesses?

Credits: Miss World FB Page