Miss World 2016: Top 10 Introduction Video by TGPC

Miss World 2016 Introduction Video
Miss Australia during Miss World 2016 Introduction Video

The contestants of Miss World 2016 are all ready to start competing against each other in real time as the girls have started arriving at the venue. So soon the analysis will begun about who stays upto the hype and who emerges out as a new front runner for the crown. However, we got a chance to understand the personality of all the girls through the Introduction Video that they have submitted to the organisation. Our panel has checked all the videos and have picked out 10 girls who they believe have a major chance to make an impact at Miss World 2016 interview round. Let’s have a look who are the picks of our Expert Panel.

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10 Best Introduction Video of Miss World 2016

Mongolia,Bayartsetseg Altangerel

Mongolia tops the list based on the quality of the video alone, apart from her ravishing beauty.It is made like a Movie and each shot is worth all the applause. Her Miss Earth 2015 Eco Video was also one of the well shot videos ever in the history of any pageantry.

Philippines, Catriona Gray

Catriona’s introduction video is a perfect balance between all the elements that should be part of an intro video, she spoke about her country, herself and what difference Miss World title can bring for her in a very beautiful manner. Lovely Presentation.

Guyana, Nuriyyih Gerrard

Guyana’s video focused more on the girl and her works, which to an extent worked because we get to know more about her as a person and her works. The genuineness of her work and her simplicity made the entire video memorable

Korea’s intro video was short and sweet. What was even more appealing was her sweet beauty and fluent english which made her a clear stand out.With korea supposed to host one of the upcoming editions of Miss World, she could go all the way to the top in Asia.

 India, Priyadarshini Chatterjee

India’s Intro video was able to make a long lasting impression because its different from what femina usually does. It focussed more about her as an individual, her fight towards the crown and she owned the video with her genuine and lovable personality. A girl to watch out in interview round.

Russia, Yana Dobrovolskaya

Russia’s is beauty is so magnetic that we can watch her speak for a long time & the video rightfully captured her innocent face,infectious smile & her speaking skills.She is visual delight.

United States, Audra Mari

Being the hometown girl, there’s much talked about her and she delivers the hype around her. She has a wonderful personality and everything she says is crystal clear. I love the end portion of the video where she welcomed all the contestants to her country, she is indeed a strong delegate at the moment.

Puerto Rico, Stephanie Del Valle

Gorgeous Face + Towerign height + A cute english accent , this woman is a clear front runner for the Miss World Crown and she justified it with her warm personality which was captured beautifully in her intro video. It’s high time for Caribbean to finally take home the MW crown after Lisa Hanna of Jamaica took it 23 years ago

Slovakia, Kristína Činčurová

She gives the vibe of a European super model but even more impressive is her down to earth personality and good communication skills, which makes the people connect to her.She could bring up a pleasant surprise this year!

Ghana, Antoinette Delali Kemavor

This black stunner is all set to take the blue crown back to Africa. Her grace, poise blended with right amount of sweetness looks like a winning combination and she efortlessly delivers it in the video.

Credits: Miss World Youtube Channel