Altamash Faraz wins ‘People’s Choice Award’ by TGPC for Peter England Mister India 2016

Peter England Mister India 2016 is about to be concluded today. The finale shall be conducted tonight in Mumbai where 16 Superhunks shall be battling out each other to claim the title of ‘Peter England Mister India 2016’. We conducted a poll for ‘People’s Choice Award’ for the contest to know who is hot favourite of the audience to win the title. As per our survey, 33% people have cast their for Altamash Faraz to win the contest tonight. He has received more than 55000 votes in his favour. Shubham Nagar garnered second highest votes while Bunty Rana got third highest votes.

Altamash Faraz during Mr.India 2016 Bare Body Photo Shoot
Altamash Faraz

Altamash Faraz was our pick in Top 5 for Bare Body shoot and is also one of our Top 7 favourite to win the contest tonight. Altamash hails from Delhi and has completed his graduation in Law from Amity University. He stands 6 feet tall and is 25 years old, currently working as a model. TGPC Congratulates Altamash and wishes him all the best for the competition.

The complete result of the voting poll is as below

Peter England Mister India 2016 Voting

Note: As stated before, the finale result shall be basis summation of old and new application vote counts.