[Hotpicks] Top 7 pick for ‘Peter England Mr. India 2016’ title.

Peter England Mister India 2016 is about to conclude tonight with 16 hot hunks vying for the one ultimate title and dream to represent India at an International male pageants. While these guys battle out tonight in Mumbai, we have picked our Top 7 choices for the title who we believe have good potential for winning. This hotpick is based on what we have observed so far from guys in various activities. The order is random and any of the 7 guys can win the title. Let’s have a look.

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Altamash Faraz

Altamash Faraz

Altamash is a perfect combination of facial attractiveness and X-factor. He easily stands out in the crowd of 16 guys out there. He has decent body which could be worked out better till he appears in international pageant. We are all ready to see him as a winner.

Ankit Raj Panwar

 Ankit Raj Panwar Peter England Mister India 2016

Ankit was a dark horse in the beginning but he fell into our radar when we saw him during Bare Photoshoot. He has the manly face and appeal that will do well at any male pageants.

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Devesh Khanduja

Devesh Khanduja Peter England Mister India 2016

Devesh has sweet looking face with an aura that Rohit used to give us back in 2015. We are not sure if that will work this time or not but he is surely the one to keep eye on.

Lalit Choudhary

Lalit Choudhary Peter England Mister India 2016

The innocence on Lalit’s face can get him far in the competition today. He is a perfect balance of manliness and sweet demure. He has this capability to communicate through eyes in pictures which is extremely good.

Shubham Nagar

Shubham Nagar, Peter England Mister India 2016

Another guy who resembles to Lalit in terms of appeal quality. He had great photo shoots so far and is definitely the one to look out in finale.

Varun Verma

Varun Verma Peter England Mister India 2016

Varun would do very well in pageants like Mister International. That hot manly appeal makes him an instant favourite for the title. Varun has that X-factor that will surely put him in the Top 5 of the competition.

Viren Barman

Viren Barman Peter England Mister India 2016

You can never underestimate a person with personality in the pageants. Viren is one sure entertainer and we love his personality. He is more telegenic than photogenic which is really a good point because in stage things look a lot different than pictures. We won’t be surprised if he wins tonight.

Picture Credits: Peter England Mister India Facebook page