Miss World 2016 Pre-Arrival Hotpicks!![Top 25]

TGPC’s Miss World 2016 Pre-Arrival Hotpicks !!

Miss World 2016 Pre -Arrival Hotpicks the new Miss World will be corwned on 19th December 2016
Road to Miss World 2016

Miss World 2016 Pre-Arrival Hotpicks:The 66th edition of Miss World will kick start in few days in Washington D.C 130 countries are expected to join the oldest & grandest beauty pageant in the world. Miss World 2015,Mireia Lalaguna of Spain will crown her successor at the end of the pageant. In a span of four weeks, the Miss World 2016 contestants will compete in various challenger events which will help determine the top 20/25 of the pageant alongside the interview portion which carries the highest points. Considering the quality of this batch we expect neck to neck fight for the most coveted crown in the world of pageantry.

We have divided our favorites into four groups platinum crème de la crème contestants of this pageant. Gold, the front-runners. Silver, the underdogs & Bronze possible spoilers.

Platinum Group

Miss World 2016 Pre -Arrival Hotpicks the new Miss World will be corwned on 19th December 2016

Russia,Yana DOBROVOLSKAYA: Currently leading the pack she has everything going on for her. Yana’s introduction video was one of the best it captures her bubbly personality really well.

USA,Audra MARI: MWO can satisfy not one but two huge market by crowning Audra although she is totally deserving and honestly it will be kind of heart-breaking to see her end up as first runner-up at Miss World always a bridesmaid never a bride.

Philippines,Catriona Elisa GRAY: Asian contingent is quite strong and Catriona is currently leading the pack this mix raced beauty can bring home the second Miss World crown for her country. She will easily place in talent and top model challenger events.

Ireland,Niamh KENNEDY: Although a bit raw compared to her rivals but one can’t deny how beautiful Niamh really is this leggy lass is well-spoken and determined to make it big. Her infectious smile and towering height will help her go a long way in the contest.

Venezuela,Diana CROCE GARCÍA: After year’s of nonplacement Venezuela is finally back on track at the Miss World pageant. Diana has everything to put Venezuela on the seventh heaven at the Miss World pageant.

Puerto Rico,Stephanie DEL VALLE: Stephanie is one of the strongest delegates from Puerto Rico in a long time she embodies the classic Miss Puerto Rico types which we have seen at the Miss Universe pageant in late 90’s and early 00’s.

Gold Band

Brazil,Beatrice BESERRA DA FONTOURA: Brazil is the most successful latin country at Miss World in this decade they have successfully managed to enter the top 7 on several occasions but  failed to reach the top 3. With Beatrice there is a possibility that Brazil finally gets a top 3 slot.

Australia,Madeline COWE: someone rightly pointed out that Madeline if Megan Young and Monica Radolovic had a baby it would be Madeline. Madeline posses all the quality that makes a memorable Miss World winner.

Ghana, Anthoinette Delali KEMAVOR: Probably the strongest African delegate this year. She looks polished and sophisticated. Queen of Africa crown is hers to lose.

Mexico,Ana GIRAULT: The Miss World crown is long overdue for Mexico with Ana possibility of Mexico winning the crown is high. We are keeping a close eye on Ana as she might just go either ways.

Denmark,Helena HEUSER: Probably the prettiest face of the pageant she is humble and down to earth her big blue eyes are captivating. Her personality and the way she conducts herself is very Miss Worldish.

India,Priyadarshini CHATTERJEE: Her story has been inspiring and motivating. India is always considered as a powerhouse at the Miss World pageant and with Priya representing India the Indian fans should be assured of a placement her exotic features and killer catwalk will definitely leave a lasting impression.

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Silver Band

England,Elizabeth GRANT: Her introduction video is one of my favorites I love the way she spoke. She is not your quintessential beauty queen material but her beauty and personality is a killer combo watch out for her she might be the ultimate dark horse of the pageant.

Guyana,Nuriyyih GERRARD: She can easily top the preliminary interview she may not be the prettiest girl out there but she sounds like a woman of substance and that is a quality Miss World Organization loves.

Hungary, Timea GELENCSER: Europe sends the best contestants to Miss World pageant and Miss Hungary is no exception to that.Hungary has experienced some success in recent years at MW Timea needs to get the ball rolling.

Indonesia,Natasha MANNUELA: Indonesia is having a great year in pageants this year with Natasha is a serious threat to the continental crown of Aisa and her fellow Asians should really keep a close eye on her.

Malaysia,Tatiana NANDHA KUMAR: Miss World 2016 has 5 Indian beauties all of them equally stunning and unique what attracts us to Tatiana is her exotic Indo-European look she looks like some top model walking the runway for some big designer in Milan.

Belgium, Lenty FRANS: She is the prettiest blonde in the contest and a silent killer at this year’s pageant. We all love when underdog triumphs over the heavy weights and Lenty Frans can deliver just that.

Bronze Band

Portugal,Cristiana Sofia FERREIRA VIANA: Cristiana has worked really hard for her Beauty with a Purpose project which is the soul of the pageant. She traveled to India and worked with NGO’s across the country.

South Africa,Ntandoyenkosi KUNENE: Considering a weak African contingent it will be easy for South Africa to crack the top 20 of the pageant.

Slovenia,Maja TARADI: Stunner! but with a weak sash and maybe no proper training.

France,Morgane EDVIGE: Morgane was runner-up to Iris at last year’s Miss France pageant. Morgane is a black barbie although we feel she is more suited for Miss Universe rather than Miss World.

Trinidad & Tobago,Daniella WALCOTT: She has been working really hard since couple of years, she can take notes from her family members who have represented Trinidad & Tobago in various international pageants.

St.Lucia,La Toya MOFFAT: One of the best contestants they have ever send to any pageant.

Fiji,Pooja PRIYANKA: A professional model & dancer Pooja is a dream to watch when she dances. A sure spot in talent and bwap will help her create some upset for sure.

Miss World 2016 Pre-Arrival Hotpicks!

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