Donald Trump, ex-Owner of Miss Universe, will be the 45th President of USA

Donald Trump
A handout picture provided by the Miss Universe Organization on 20 December 2012 shows the newly crowned Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo (R), posing with US business magnate and Miss Universe organizer Donald Trump (L) during the press conference after the 2012 Miss Universe Competition in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 19 December 2012. EPA/VALERIE MACON / MISS UNIVERSE ORGANIZATION / HO HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY

Donald Trump, ex-Owner of Miss Universe, is all set to become the 45th President of the United States of America.  He is the presidential candidate from Republican party in the 2016 Elections.  The Republican party has established their majority by capturing the minimum requirement of 270 electoral votes, while the Democratic party lags behind.  Hillary Clinton, the Presidential candidate from Democratic Party and wife of former president Bill Clinton, could have been the first female President of the United States of America had she won.  Now on 19th December 2016, the electoral college will vote for the new president and since majority is of Republican party, Mister Donald Trump should be ready to enter the White House and assume the debatably most powerful position in the world – the position of the American President from 20th January 2017.

70 years old Donald Trump has had a highly controversial ride in the 2016 elections by far.  Trump always had supporters but also had a big number of opponents who tore him apart every now and then, for his controversial remarks.  Trump was the owner of Miss Universe for many years. During elections, some of the contestants of his pageants came out and blamed him of mistreatment.  Alicia Machado, Miss Universe 1996, even joined Hillary Clinton in her election campaign because she was fat-shamed publicly by Mr. Donald Trump during her Miss Universe reign.  Trump also faced wrath for his remarks about Mexican immigrants last year.