Appointing Diana Croce as Miss World Venezuela 2016: Bad decision by Osmel?

Stunning Diana Croce was appointed as Miss World Venezuela 2016. She will now represent Venezuela at Miss World 2016 [Meet Contestants] later this year in Washington DC, USA. She represented the province of Nueva Esparta at Miss Venezuela and was declared as the 1st runner up while Keysi Sayago was crowned as Miss Venezuela 2016. Diana Croce succeeds Anyela Galante as new Miss World Venezuela. She was officially crowned in a press event rather than traditional finale and crowning system of Miss Venezuela.

Appointing Diana Croce as Miss World Venezuela 2016
Crowning Ceremony of Diana Croce as Miss World Venezuela 2016

Although we absolutely love Diana Croce, we are not very sure as if this is a smart move by Osmel to appoint a delegate to Miss World. We can understand that the crisis Venezuela is going through currently may not allow Miss Venezuela Organisation to have financial viability to conduct two parallel pageants for the selection of winners, but appointing a delegate who was a runner-up to the winner is something that didn’t convince us. The reasons are as below:

  1. Rumours has it that Julia Morley prefers a stand alone contest for selecting the main winner for representation of country at Miss World. This was the reason why Osmel moved to a separate contest from 2012. However, none of his Miss Venezuela could placed in the finale of Miss World since 2012
  2. Having a runner-up as a representative is something we feel an organisation as big as Miss World will not be happy about. Especially when the winner of Miss Venezuela is going to Miss Universe, a strong rival pageant.
  3. Since the time left for Diana Croce is very less, compared to the kind of time other winners have got, it would be too difficult for her to digest the whole system of Miss World and prepare accordingly. We don’t say it’s impossible but it is difficult for sure because when we say Venezuela we expect a pitch perfect girl.
  4. The girl shall have almost no time for preparing for Beauty with a Purpose and do activities related to it before she leaves for the international pageant. It is to be noted that this sub contest has highest points among all other fast track (1.5 times the other fast track). Getting zero score in BWAP section can affect adversely in over all score.

We still hope that Diana does well at the pageant and breaks the non placement curse in the pageant this year. What do you say? Do you feel Diana Croce will bring placement to her country? It is to be noted that Venezuela is also the highest Miss World crown holding country with 6 winners.