Miss Earth 2016Miss Earth 2016 finals will be on 29th October 2016 in Metro Manila.  83 gorgeous beauties from all around the world will compete for the prestigious Miss Earth 2016 title.  The winner will be crowned by reigning Miss Earth Angelia Ong.

Since few years, the contestants of Miss Earth participate in various events and medals are given to the best performers.  Strangely these medals don’t hold much impact on the actual results of the pageant.  The semi-finalists are chosen in a region-wise manner after personal interviews & “No Make-up” presentations of the contestants.  Even “chaperone scores” are added.  Results of this pageant are generally controversial since people tend to expect the girls with high number of medals to place, and sometimes they are shocked to see them not placing! Due to these reasons, it is difficult to predict the results of this pageant.  Still, after many heated discussions, our experts have made the following predictions.

The experts have chosen Top 16 contestants and then classified them in four categories based on their potentials.  These categories are: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze.

Bronze Beauties (Top 13-16)

Denmark, Thailand, Indonesia, Hungary

These 4 beauties may make it to the Top 16 largely due to weak competition in their regions.  Generally girls from Thailand come well-prepared for their international pageants.  Indonesia is on a roll after their success in Miss Grand International and Miss International.  Both the beauties have won medals in National Costume competition.  Denmark and Hungary are one of the strong contestants in the relatively weak European contingent.

Silver Beauties (Top 9-12)

Brazil, England, Mexico, Nepal

Mexico is perhaps the leader of this group.  She has won 3 Gold Medals – National Costume, Long Gown & Swimsuit.  Brazil has won a Silver medal in swimsuit competition.  England has won medals in National Costume & Talent.  Nepal won a medal in Resort Wear.

Gold Beauties (Top 5-8)

Philippines, Kenya, India, Australia

In this group, the medals are less in number.  Philippines won “Darling of the Press” in spite of criticizing President of Philippines in wrong forum.  Australia won Gold in Resort Wear.  India and Kenya have won no medal.  But the four beauties overall have presented themselves well in the contest.  They look good with minimal make-up and are highly presentable.

Platinum Beauties (Winners)

USA, Russia, Ecuador, Venezuela

These 4 beauties in our opinion are the ultimate favourites for the title of Miss Earth 2016.  USA has won medals in swimsuit competition and press presentation.  Russia has won medals in Long Gown, Swimsuit and Resorts Wear.  Ecuador has won the maximum number of medals this year.  She has won in Press presentation, swimsuit, Long gown, Resorts wear and National Costume.  Venezuela has won medals in press presentation, Photogenic and Resorts Wear.  For now, our top pick is USA.  The country can be a great market for Miss Earth pageant.  Plus Corrin Stellakis is a fabulous contestant and can be a great choice for Miss Earth 2016  title.

Let us look ahead towards Miss Earth 2016 finals with optimism.  May the best girl win!!!

Image Credits: Miss Earth