Miss International 2016 Hotpicks!!

TGPC’S Miss International 2016 Hotpicks!!

Miss International 2016 the 56th edition will come to an end tomorrow at the Tokyo City Hall. Edymar Martinez of Venezuela will crown her successor at the end of the pageant. This year edition seems to be lost between other two major pageants that are taking place simultaneously Miss Grand International which crowned Miss Indonesia as it’s new winner and Miss Earth 2016 which will take place on 29th of October in Manila. 70 countries are competing this year. Miss International is notoriously famous for ignoring women of colors and crowning underdogs. Will front runners from Philippines or Venezuela take it all or we will get a surprise winner? Presenting TGPC’s Miss International 2016 Final Hotpicks.

Miss International 2016 Hotpicks

Japan,Junna Yamagata

#12:Japan,Junna Yamagata: The host delegate will break the non placement streak of Japan since 2013 and she will totally justify her placement.

India, Rewati Chetri

#11:India, Rewati Chetri: India’s long quest for Miss International crown might just come to an end with Rewati winning the crown her exotic oriental features make her stand out & her simple & humble persona will take her far in the contest.

Ukraine,Viktoria Kiose

#10:Ukraine,Viktoria Kiose: If beauty pageants were solely based on beauty this woman would have won the contest long time back, she is just dead drop gorgeous.

Poland,Magdalena Bieńkowska

#09:Poland,Magdalena Bieńkowska: Poland is a powerhouse at the Miss International pageant. Magdalena’s beauty is mesmerizing and very Miss International prototype.

Thailand,Pattiya Pongthai

#08:Thailand,Pattiya Pongthai: She is tall,fit,beautiful and eloquent she is the ultimate dark horse of the contest. Watch out for her.

Puerto Rico,Gabriela Berrios

#07:Puerto Rico,Gabriela Berrios: This former Miss Universe alumni is trying her luck again we feel she has improved her lot & worked on her flaws,she will definitely be among the top 10 finalist. Will she bag Miss Photogenic award like she did at Miss Universe 2014? well time will tell that.

Colombia,Daniela Herrera

#06:Colombia,Daniela Herrera: One of the strongest contestants out there,she has what it takes to make it big.

Finland,Emilia Seppänen

#05: Finland,Emilia Seppänen: She is a blonde bombshell. With that body she is going the set the stage on fire during the swimsuit round.

Mexico,Geraldine Ponce

#04: Mexico,Geraldine Ponce: A force to reckon with this girl is not going home empty handed.

Indonesia,Felicia Hwang

#03: Indonesia,Felicia Hwang: She will be wearing a stunning gown by Anaz and she will deliver on stage & during Q&A. 2016 might just be Indonesia’s year.

Venezuela,Jessica Duarte

#02: Venezuela,Jessica Duarte: Considering the quality of this batch Miss International might just get it’s first back 2 back winners from same country. Jessica has been torch bearer of this contest the only thing that stands between her & Miss International crown is our Number 1 choice.

Philippines,Kylie Verzosa

#01: Philippines,Kylie Verzosa: She is the girl to beat she has captured the imagination of pageant fans & media alike. Everything is working in her favor we just hope lady luck also favors her tomorrow night.

Who do you think will win? Did your favourite make it to our list?