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Miss Grand International 2016 National Costume: Top 10 Choices

Miss Grand International 2016 National Costume round revealed to us an awesome mix of culture by stunning delegates from 75 countries. The finale of the pageant shall take place on 25th October 2016 at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, USA. Meanwhile, let us have a look at the Best 10 National Costume chosen by our expert panel. Remember, it’s not only the costume, it’s about the creativity and execution that helped us in deciding the Top 10 of our choice for Miss Grand International 2016 National Costume .

Top 10 at Miss Grand International 2016 National Costume

Miss Grand International 2016 National Costume: Top 10 Choices

China: The colour red generally signifies danger, but China plays it like no one else. She looks like a doll with the combination of Gold and red.

Dominican Republic: Dominican Republic look stunning with that flower head gear and that flowy floral skirt. It’s like a dream girl.

India: India covered a lot of her culture into this dress. You can see Cow, a sacred animal, with multiple dance forms across their state. Brilliant concept.

Indonesia: For us this is one of the Top 3 costumes of the event. We assume the dress is trying to replicate the concept of boat/ship with that head gear. The execution is a class apart.

Myanmar: Love the hair do of Myanmar. The concept doesn’t look too creative but the overall execution does make her look a stand out. Love the usage of gold shade for the costume.

Nicaragua: Believe Nicaragua is trying to replicate some kind of reptile, not sure though, but either way that execution has one fineness that can only come with a great experience. Totally loved it.

Sri Lanka: Pity part about that dress was the execution looked bit messy but the concept is absolutely great. If this is fine tuned properly, it can easily win the national costume round at other pageants.

Thailand: The golden goddess replicating the concept of temples. If you want to see something extremely simple yet classy, go for Thailand’s National Costume.

Venezuela: The dragon concept is selling here for sure. Concept is good but execution could have been a bit better.

Wales: Wales looked so magnificent in this dragon inspired costume. Here the execution part is taken care nicely.

These are our choices for Miss Grand International 2016 National Costume Top 10 spots, does your choice made to our list?

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