Miss Grand International 2016: TGPC’s First Official Hotpicks

Miss Grand International 2016 pageant is being held in Las Vegas, the United States of America right now.   60+ delegates from around the world are competing for the crown of Miss Grand International 2016.  It is said that many delegates could not make it to the USA due to visa issues.  Nevertheless, the competition is herculean strong.  Here are the initial favorites of our experts.

Miss Grand International 2016: TGPC's First Official Hotpicks

Crown Contenders

Spain, Peru, BrazilVenezuela are creating a lot of buzz due to their physical beauty.  India, Thailand, Indonesia Jamaica are high in elegance quotient.  South Sudan has a strong background story which goes well with the theme of the pageant.  USA being the home delegate cannot be ‘not taken seriously’, especially because she is good overall.  We really doubt if one of these 10 beauties will be kept out of Top 20.  The winner should be from this circle.  

Probable Placers

Wales, Iceland, Russia France may join Spain in representing European contingent in the pageant.  Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic are your strong Latin beauties.  Philippines Malaysia have sent stunners who can perhaps jump into the Top 10 in our next hot-picks, provided they perform well in coming days.  Korea has sent a nice representative this who may just make the ‘surprise cut’ like Japan last year.  We also like Australia, although she is a downgrade to Claire Parker.

As the pageant progresses, changes are bound to happen in the list!  On 14th October, the swimsuit competition will take place.  On 16th, national costume competition will take place.  Delegates will be interviewed on 19th.   Finals will be held on 25th!  It is just the 4th year of Miss Grand International and the pageant has made such good progress!  We hope that in coming years, the pageant wins the global attention that Miss World & Miss Universe enjoy.

Credits: Miss Grand International Official Website