Exclusive Interview with Bhairavi Burad, Miss TGPC 2016 Winner

Bhairavi Burad is Miss TGPC 2016

Bhairavi Burad, 19 year old beauty, from Nashik was declared as the eventual winner of one month long first ever web based pageant ‘Miss TGPC 2016‘ organised by ‘The Great Pageant Community (TGPC)’. Bhairavi was one of the favourite delegates from the beginning and her performance in Style Icon round was highly applauded by the viewers and judges. Bhairavi Burad was crowned at Fashion Fundas office in Pune by Mrs. Kamartaj Pathan in a surprise ceremony. Today, we take this opportunity to get candid with Bhairavi and get to know more about her in an interview taken by TGPC. Check out:

Q-1) Hello Bhairavi, tell us a bit about yourself.

Bhairavi: Hi, I am Bhairavi Burad, 19 years old. I belong to the wine capital city of India, Nashik. I am a passionate dancer and have been doing it since the age of 4. I love to travel a lot and explore new places. My love for stage has brought me to beauty pageants.

Q-2) How did you get to know about Miss TGPC 2016?

Bhairavi: I can’t thank Nehal Chudasama enough for this. It was because of her facebook post share that I got to know about Miss TGPC 2016. I being a beauty pageant aspirant, didn’t want to miss any opportunity to learn something new. Moreover, I knew how reputed ‘The Great Pageant Community’ group/blog is. So there was no doubt about it.

Q-3) How did you feel when you were announced the first ever winner of Miss TGPC contest?

Bhairavi: That was one of the best moments of my life till now. When you realise that you are one step closer to your dream. There are multiple thoughts entering your mind, you thank your parents, god, everyone who supported me throughout. Apart from this I was satisfied that all my hard work and dedication was giving good results.

Q-4) Do you think you were the most deserving to win the crown of Miss TGPC 2016?

Bhairavi: I don’ think it would be fair to judge the other girls being on the same side of the table. Beside, every girl had their own uniqueness and that’s what made them special in the contest. But I would say that I had faith in the way I performed and was hoping for the best.

Q-5) So what is next after Miss TGPC 2016?

Bhairavi: I am looking forward to make full use of the gifts I am getting like grooming myself better through Tiara Course, Fashion Course at Fashion Fundas, Portfolio by Photo N Vogue and obviously gift hampers from Sumit Fashion and Bird in Blue. I wish to groom myself very strong that I can present the best version of me to whatever pageants I participate in future.

Q-6) How does it feel getting such lucrative prizes?

Bhairavi Burad
Bhairavi Burad in Turquoise Necklace+Earrings+Bracelet watch by ‘Bird In Blue’, gifting partner of Miss TGPC 2016.

Bhairavi: Trust me, I have been flaunting that beautiful crown, sash and jewellery I received from Bird in Blue, all these days. And the grooming courses from Tiara and Fashion Fundas along with portfolio by Photo N Vogue is all a young girl like me needs right now. A perfect combo of a prize I must say.

Q-7) The member of ‘The Great Pageant Community’ received you win so well. How did it feel?

Bhairavi: Every pageant winner expects the support and love from her people.Similarly, the love and support I got from TGPC group is amazingly overwhelming and I hope they keep supporting me always.

Q-8)  What was the reaction of your parents on your win?

Bhairavi: My mom, as you can see in the video, was all emotional. My dad and my younger sister were so excited. Everyone in my family is so proud of my achievement and are thankful to ‘Miss TGPC 2016’.

Q-9) Do you think Miss TGPC 2016 was a right decision for you?

Bhairavi: Participating in Miss TGPC was the best decision I ever made. Apart from winning, I have learnt so much through daily grooming, reviews from judges and audiences, made so many new friends. However, most importantly, it has given a major thrust to my pageant career like no one else.

Q-10) Any message for your fans in the community?

A still from Bhairavi's party wear round
A still from Bhairavi’s party wear round

Bhairavi: Haha, I don’t know if I have fans, but everyone who has admired me and supported me through out. I would like to say-“Keep showering your love and support. I know I probably am a little short (5’5″) from normal standards but I know I have it in me. With your love and support along with my hard work, I will make you all proud one day. Trust me.”

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