Miss TGPC 2016: Episode 7, Ethnic Wear Competition [Review]

Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants

After going through the performances of all the girls in Ethnic Wear [Check Video], we have come to an analysis where we could list out the good and bad of girls performances. It is to be noted that it’s not just the feedback about girls’ performances, but it is also a self assessment for our team’s mentor-ship as most girls shot the videos multiple times, after lot of feedbacks and reviews, before getting finally accepted for the showcase in this round.

The only intention of this feedback is to help girls realise the flaws and help them working towards it. It has no influence on scoring from judges for this round and only represents the views of experts from TGPC. Few girls might find it constructive criticism and few girls might find it rude or blunt, but our only advice would be that please take the advice on a positive note as this will help you somewhere in future.

Priyanka Kumari

She is a lovely girl and her walk was good. However, the jumpy pose when she comes at head ramp looked a bit forceful.  Once you see all the videos, you do feel that she could have done better. The thing that bothers is that she has the potential to stand out clearly as the best in the batch but that din’t happen here. Nevertheless it was a good performance on the whole.

Mounica Patnana
It doesn’t take much time to know that Mounica is pretty new to all this. But still you can understand why she is trying at the first place. She has the face and the poise. The styling in terms of hair as well as dressing could have been way better. Even the walk could have been better, to us it didn’t look like a catwalk. But we feel she is someone who should definitely not give up. All she needs is proper training. She can be transformed into a good model.

Ananya Tripathi

She is tall, lean and pretty. The costume is beautiful. The walk is nice. Overall she has done a good job. But there is scope for a lot of improvement. She can improve her head ramp postures a bit. It looked as if she didn’t know how to pose in front stage, as it looked too technical. The confidence needs to be goosed up more. And she needs to learn how to ‘smize’. ‘Smize’ means ‘smiling with eyes’. Here you have to squint your eyes a bit and give a subtle smile (don’t show you teeth). Just give a hint of smile. Tyra Banks popularised the term. It is a must for beauty queens and models to know how to do this.

Bhairavi Burad

If there was a separate score for elegance, Bhairavi would have scored 10/10. She is so elegant! The dressing, the walk, the presence, the smile, the charm – everything about this performance screams ‘elegance’. And this is so good because it is the ‘ethnic’ round. And that mid turn in between was so pleasantly surprising Great job, girl!

Supriya Chinchansure

The dress is so good! The girl is beautiful. The hair is nicely done. The presentation is unique because of the zig-zag walk, smart girl to have utilised the short ramp space in efficient manner. Overall a good job done. More confidence would have helped her make more impact though!

Pooja Sharma

She is beautiful and the most unique dress of the lot. She looked stellar in terms of presentation. That walk was very impactful from the beginning itself. A little amount of elegance would have helped though, as it was an Ethnic round. She has potential to be a good model on the ramp. One of the best presentations!

Anushka Jadhav

It is important to follow the music when you walk. Few models often try to understand the beats of the music beforehand (or on the go) and number their steps accordingly, to stay in sync.  But it doesn’t seem to be happening here, although the music was given in advance. The walk is way too slower than the music. It looked as if Anushka was being controlled in every step.  A bit more confidence and some smiling could have helped too.

Chinkey Saini

The walk is extremely graceful. Her presence is impeccable. And that heavenly ‘Lara Dutta’ turn was done with such a fineness that we fell in love with the presentation of Chinkey.  The intrinsic confidence in the girl shows in the presentation.  She likes herself and we like that about her!  A good performance overall.

Ravina Sethia

We really liked the way she used her face in the presentation. The smile, the confidence – admirable! The walk could have been much better though, it was a straight walk which doesn’t look like a catwalk at all.  The turn she took was un-calculative which din’t really work that well. The shoulder moment while going back looked like hip-hop style, which is strictly to be avoided in an Ethnic Round.The dressing is good, but considering the location and the background, something lighter and simpler could have been better.

Weenie Shayo

Weenie screams cuteness overloaded in her presentation. The wink on head ramp is so cute! The girl is very charming and it just comes across. They say, ‘Whatever you enjoy, you end up doing better’. It’s evident here. The dressing is perfect. The whole vibe of the performance is positive. She seems to be enjoying her walk which was again very good. The way she elegantly carried her dress while going back was smart of her.

Harneet Kaur

She needs to lighten up a bit and enjoy what she is doing here. Her face is gorgeous and when she poses, she looks very beautiful. A little grooming and this girl can be a head-turner in glamour world. We loved the ‘Radha look’. The walk could have been more graceful, which was too random. It looked running more than walking, elegance of ethnic was missing. And one serious advice to Harneet would be to control her hand throw movements while walking. Your hands need to be near to your body while walking.

Srishti Pandey

We really liked the way she placed her hands on the waist and smiled at the camera. The walk needs improvement and the turn is a big fail, extremely unplanned. She seems to be one of the girls who are doing this for first time and it is a good attempt for a first-timer. The best thing about her video was that she seems to be enjoying it.

Vrushali Gaurkar

She is beautiful and looks lovely in the saree. In few seconds of her beginning the walk, for a moment she is confused what to do with her right hand. Also the turn was not well planned. It is these subtle things that sometimes determine your image in a strong way. The walk could have been better. Also, when she had a limelight time of 30 seconds, why would she not utilise that and send such a short video? The overall presentation could have been better. This is not her best, especially because she has the looks of a winner. All she needs is proper amount of training and she would be ready to give a strong competition.

Next Up:

  • Episode 8, Ethnic Wear Competition [Results] – The scores and the comments from the judges will be revealed.  The rankings of the ‘TGPC Elite Panel’ will also be announced.  Based on these, few girls will be permanently out from the race of Miss TGPC 2016 title. The evaluation shall be done on criteria like 1) Rampwalk skills 2) Sense of styling 3) Grace and Elegance suitable to the theme 4) Confidence and Attitude 5) Overall impact. Catch the episode here on 16th September 2016, 8 PM IST.

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