Miss TGPC 2016: Episode 5, Miss Personality [Result]

Bird in Blue Miss Personality Result, Miss TGPC 2016

The responsibility of selecting the winner for ‘Bird in Blue Miss Personality‘ round for Miss TGPC 2016 was handed over to the famous Indian Pageant Bloggers, namely Vagisha Mishra from The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, Aman Singh from Pageant Times and Simeon Singsit from Indian & World Pageants. The panel of jury went through the introduction of all the 13 contestants and scored the girls on the scale of 1-10. The criteria for selecting the winner was based on 1) Overall presentation 2) Clarity of thoughts 3) Confidence 4) Attitude. The scores by the judges for each contestant is as below. Judges also chose to give their comments for certain contestants of their choice shown below the score table.

Bird in Blue Miss Personality Result

Bird in Blue Miss Personality Result

Bird in Blue Miss Personality Winner

Weenie Shayo, Miss TGPC 2016

Weenie Shayo was unanimously chosen as the winner of ‘Bird in Blue Miss Personality’ sub-contest. She received an average score of 9.53 and won this contest with a marginal difference. Congratulations to Weenie Shayo!

Comments by Judges

Miss TGPC 2016, Episode 3: Miss Personality [Videos]

Weenie Shayo:

Vagisha Mishra: Weenie is very confident, and brings around positivity when she speaks. She can be a rare find of Miss TGPC who might go on to compete internationally very soon.

Simeon Singsit: I was a bit surprised to see her in Miss TGPC but glad to see someone outside India participating in the contest. She is confident, fun and interesting to watch. She might just win this contest.

Priyanka Kumari:

Vagisha Mishra: She is dedicated and that reflects in her personality. She brings a lot of substance with her. A sincere and eye catching candidate!.

Chinkey Saini:

Vagisha Mishra: She is very promising! She seems very calm and composed. She seems devoted and this will take her far in the competition.

Simeon Singsit: Though a lot needs to be done with Chinkey, there’s a potential in her. She might be raw and unpolished in terms of experience in pageants, but those are the things that makes her more beautiful and interesting since she can be magically transformed into a beautiful Queen

Ravina Sethia:

Vagisha Mishra: She is bubbly. Her playful voice keeps you hooked up in the conversation and she has many sides to show in this competition. She sounds very confident

Simeon Singsit: Facially beautiful and strong, loved the calmness in her tone and reminds me of our Miss India of the 90’s.

Ananya Tripathi

Simeon Singsit:  The most lively and animated contestant. Looking at her video, all I can say is she brings energy and it is so positive and refreshing. She’s got the personality!

Pooja Sharma:

Vagisha Mishra: Pooja is such a charmer. She is very eloquent and comes across as a spontaneous speaker who keeps people around her motivated.

Vrushali Gaurkar:

Simeon Singsit: She shows lots of potentials in her beauty and the way she speaks. Her body language shows she is made for beauty pageants. This girl has a bright future if she continues to follow her dream of becoming a beauty Queen.

Mounica Patnana:

Vagisha Mishra: Mounica had a good confidence but she lacked the flow of spontaneity in the content. She has to work on focusing at camera angles otherwise I see a lot of potential in this girl.

Bhairavi Burad:

Aman Singh: Sounds a little musical towards the beginning of the video which gives a little sense of being rehearsed and lack of confidence. However she was perfectly fine towards the end.

Srishti Pandey:

Aman Singh: Spontaneity is the reason why I scored her higher than a few of the better speakers but she needs to work on grammatical aspect of language (specifically being an English student). She has an engaging personality though.

Harneet Kaur:

Aman Singh: Spoke well, What could worked for her is slight amount of feeling that you personally are excited about the opportunity. It appeared as if she is convincing others to join this,but the feeling that she herself is a candidate seems missing. Its important to understand the task and deliver what is expected out of you.

Supriya Chinchansure:

Aman Singh: What she says is fine, but a little bit of confidence can take her far. She can try to bring something new and personal to her, seems she is stating what a personality development coach has taught to her.

Anushkha Jadhav:

Aman Singh: A little bit of change in tone will make her a great speaker. Sometimes things said in a different way works a great deal while in a different way it can give a feel that you are proud (not in a good way). As soon as she will understand this difference, she will be a great competitor.

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