Senorita India 2016: TGPC’s Official Hotpicks

All in all, Senorita India pageant has done a fabulous job by managing to gather such strong contestants.  It is their debut year, hence we pray they find a worthy winner who brings pride to India with a high placement in Miss International.  Miss International is the only major pageant India has not won yet.  Hence pageant fans in India are eager to see India winning it in coming years.  Here are the favourites of our experts from the Senorita India 2016 batch.

Meet the all contestants & vote for your favourites: Senorita India 2016 contestants

Senorita India 2016

All the Top 5 girls chosen by the experts are strong and can be good representatives for India at any international pageant.  Any of these can with the main title in the upcoming finals.  In fact, our experts feel that the winner should be from these five only.

  • Rewati Chhetri – She is a former Femina Miss India Top 10 Finalist.  Her mongoloid features and delicate beauty make her highly popular among the fans. 
  • Aarushi Sharma – This Miss Diva 2015 finalist has a gorgeous face, which can make her look like an angel or fairy.  Since conventionally beautiful girls with doll-like features are often appreciated at Miss International, Aarushi can be a good pick even for the main title. 
  • Ananya Kapoor – This beauty from Delhi is fierce and sexy.  She has a superb body and photographs very well.  
  • Aileena Amon – This pageant veteran is very “Miss World” in terms of overall packaging.  Face, body, personality, presence – she has it all.  She can win the Miss Intercontinental title for India if she gets the chance to represent the country there. 
  • Hemali Soni – This Mumbaikar is our top pick for the pageant.  Many believe that she could have been a great choice for Miss India Universe 2015 instead of Urvashi Rautela.  She won Campus Princess 2015 season 2 and has little resemblance to Miss Universe 2014 3rd runner-up, Yasmin Verheijen from Netherlands.  The girl carries herself excellently and will be able to stand out in the strong batch of contestants at Miss International 2016.

Kavya, Manpreet, Disha, Kashika and Lekha are particularly strong among the remaining 13 contestants.  It is possible that one or more of these make it to the Top 5 in the finals, leaving some of the major favourites behind. 

The finals will be held on 11th September 2016.  It will be wonderful if the judges in the finals end up crowning a promising Trio of winners.  Interestingly, our public poll also shows results that match to the choices of our experts, to some extent.  Except Sana, all the girls in Top 5 of the public poll are in Top 5 of our experts.

Senorita India 2016
Results as on 8/9/2016, 5:10 PM

Who are your favourites among the 18 contestants?  What are your expectations from the finals?  What are your thoughts about this post and the picks of the experts?  Kindly let us know in comments.

Credits: Senorita India Beauty Pageant