Roshmitha Harimurthy is right choice for Miss Universe India [Opinion]

Roshmitha Harimurthy
Source: Roshmitha Harimurthy on Facebook

Now that the Miss Diva 2016 season is finally over and we have a winner, it’s time that the fans accept the fact that Roshmita Harimurthy is the new Miss India Universe for the year 2016. Keeping all the controversial talks, bashing and the hate aside here are a few points simply based on facts, why Roshmitha Harimurthy could be an ultimate hit at Miss Universe 2016 !!

1) Presence and Performance – It cannot be denied how well Roshmitha Harimurthy projects on stage and on camera. Her performance graph has always been taking a hike with near null low points when it comes to beating her own bests !!  She has been a model with international ramp experience, acquired in Colombo and she has also been under Prasad Biddapa’s model management agency, which in itself speaks a lot on how well she should be when it comes to walking the ramp and projecting on camera !! Plus her Femina Miss India 2016 top 5 stint cannot be ignored. And not to forget, her national costume performance in FMI where she cleverly added a few dance moves, which adds to a general idea that she knows how to add some zing to her performance, which will also be handy during NC presentation at MU.

2) Decent Speaker – Though we know it will take more than just a decent speaker to ace the interview round at MU, which obviously needs a lot of worldly knowledge, still it can be safely said that the way she speaks, the confidence of it , the overall persona and the thought process is good ! Moreover, she along with Sakshma as a group gave us the best live chat video during Miss Diva’16.  Above all Roshmitha Harimurthy still has 4 months in hand to correct all those minor dept. which need corrections. And Sabira Merchant’s magic wand is ought create wonders, if ever she is trained by her !

3) Preparation – This girl has been into preparing for this since a long time now. It is well known that she didn’t sit back after her FMI stint, but instead kept working on herself, including getting Spanish speaking classes. Now this is something that shows her level of commitment. And honestly speaking, the new management at MU has shown it twice in the past year, that they are looking for commitment along side a good speaker ! And to quite an extent Roshmitha Harimurthy fits the bill of our 90s queens, keeping in mind that in the past year we have seen MUO picking 90s like girls as high placers and winners.

4) Physical Features – Now this is where she is being judged upon the most and being bashed for the same ! Seriously !? Please let us know when did the most beautiful girl in the MU batch won the crown in the last 5 years !? Every year post MU finale its the same “Rona Dhona”….. ‘rigged’…..from Gabriela being ‘ an old lady’ to Paulina being ‘ a shark’ to Pia being an ‘ aunty’ , no one is ever satisfied with the results , barring the obvious supporters.  Moreover Roshmita is not someone who is super below average when it comes to looks… Calling Roshmitha Harimurthy ‘ugly’ will be quite a gross thing to say , becoz she is not ! The only thing that she needs is, is a better overall styling and 360° glamming, which should include a new hair cut ( it’s been said quite a lot of times that she needs a shorter hair cut with straight hair, big curls being a strict no no for her !)  Above all this, being specific , she has a beautiful set of expressive eyes, a million dollar smile, a toned body and a good height ! So, people should take a chill pill and wait for her overall final transformation. Hope that really happens, otherwise there is no point in anything !

5) Overall persona – People are usually seen saying that she has attitude issues, etc etc….Now what is that based on !? Some back lashing on Facebook !? Seriously !? There is a saying that one can never clap with just one hand !! Said that when you are being bombarded with obscene comments and senseless criticism, what are you supposed to do? Sit back and enjoy ? Sorry friends, it’s a bitter truth….’ no one will fight for you unless you do it for yourself ‘. Though it is also quite needed that Roshmitha Harimurthy now channels her full concentration towards her preparations, keeping aside all the emotionally loaded criticism. Apart from all this whenever she has appeared on camera she has been quite sweet and sensible while talking and never been dumb or OTT.

Roshmitha Harimurthy just needs to open up, mix and talk. As said by Sakshma during live chat “she never talks”..  this may stick her back, so it’s something she needs to work on. Though on the contrary….last year it was pointed out by Australia that USA and Pia didn’t talk much during the entire season…. So it also points to, “speak less and save energy to work on the stuffs where its really needed, after all it’s a competition and not a place to just have fun and make friends”.

At the end, it’s a request to one and all, please take it in your stride to be as much useful as possible and making senseless cristisism is equivalent to ‘not being useful’.  Even if for once, if we think that everything has been rigged, etc., Please ask yourself can it be undone !? No !! So, sensibility says ” Accept and embrace “. ?

Author: R B Putki