Miss TGPC 2016, Episode 2: ‘Photo N Vogue Miss Photogenic’ Results

Photo N Vogue, Miss TGPC 2016The first round and the first ever subtitle of ‘Miss TGPC 2016‘ was ‘Photo N Vogue Miss Photogenic‘ where ace photographer Mukesh Rathore has screened all the 13 semifinalists of Miss TGPC 2016. Miss Photogenic is all about being able to deliver in front of camera, the potential of being a great cover model. It’s not always about beautiful face but how beautiful you can convey your feelings to the audience. After going through multiple pictures of the finalists, Mukesh has picked 5 girls whom he thought have the potential to be the great cover model. His picks are as below in reverse order.

4th Runner-up: Harneet Kaur

Harneet Kaur, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Harneet Kaur

Mukesh’s Comment: Harneet has flawless face. She has sharp features which needs to be polished a bit. If she works out well on that she has great scope of being a print-shoot model. Lovely girl..!!!

3rd Runner-up: Weenie Shayo

Weenie Shayo, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Weenie Shayo

Mukesh’s Comment: Simply STUNNING. A Black barbie of this pageant. Her elegance and confidence is awesome. The way she holds her postures shows how great future this girl has in modelling industry.

2nd Runner-up: Bhairavi Burad

Bhairavi Burad, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Bhairavi Burad

Mukesh’s Comment: Bhairavi’s is a chameleon when it comes to photo shoot. The variations in her expression and postures is too good to be ignored. She is too promising and have a potential to become a great cover girl in future.

1st Runner-up: Supriya C

Mukesh’s Comment: I was stunned by her traditional kind beauty, that shyness and elegance. That charming face and beautiful eyes with perfect body speaks volume. If I have to chose a girl for ethnic shoot someday from this lot, it would be Supriya C for sure.She is just perfect for Indian theme shoots.

Winner: Pooja Sharma

Meet Pooja Sharma, Miss TGPC Elite 2016, in an exclusive Interview.

Mukesh’s Comment: Pooja sets a glamour quotient to the contest. She has perfect attitude and facial features that can suit all type of photo-shoots. I can see a huge potential in her which can result into a great cover girl someday.

Congratulations to all the Top 5 girls.

Miss Popularity

Starting from TODAY, the picture of a girl getting maximum combined likes on The Great Pageant Community & Miss TGPC will be awarded the prize and title of ‘Miss Popularity‘. The pictures of the girls shall be updated from time to time in the album and the girl with highest combined likes during finale week, will win the title.

Details of Episode 3: ‘Miss Personality [Videos]’ on 4th September at 8 PM (IST) only at The Great Pageant Community