Kerelyne Webster has been crowned as Señorita Honduras 2016


Kerelyne Webster has been crowned as Señorita Honduras 2016
Source: Kerelyne on Facebook

Kerelyne Webster has been crowned as Senorita Honduras 2016.  She succeeds Gabriela Salazar as Senorita Honduras and will represent Honduras at Miss World 2016, which will be held in Washington D.C., the United States of America.  The finals will see more than 100 beauties competing for the blue crown.

Jennifer Valle of Honduras created stir among pageant fans last year by her spectacular 1st runner-up finish in Miss International 2015. Dania Prince was the surprise winner of Miss Earth 2003.  However, it’s been long since a beauty from Honduras placed high in Miss World.  Can Kerelyne Webster achieve that for the country?

Kerelyne Webster: Chances at Miss World 2016

Kerelyne Webster
Source: 45TV El Canal de Los Ceibeños on Facebook

Kerelyne is youthful.  She is just 18 and yet she is 1.8 meters tall.  She looked splendid in her crowning moments.  Just like Dania and Jennifer, Kerelyne has the potential to surprise everyone with a strong performance.  She has a shot at Top 20 placement in Miss World 2016.  Of course, how she prepares for this chance of a lifetime will determine a lot.