Elena Roca has been crowned as Miss World Argentina 2016

Elena Roca has been crowned as Miss World Argentina 2016
Credits: Elena Roca on Facebook

Elena Roca has been chosen as Miss World Argentina (Miss Mundo Argentina / Belleza Argentina).  She will represent Argentina at Miss World 2016 which will be held in the United States of America in December 2016.  She succeeds Daniela Mirón as Miss World Argentina.

Argentina has interesting history with Miss World.  Although the country has placed just 6 times till now, they have done well whenever they have placed. Norma Gladys Cappagli, Miss World Argentina 1960, won Miss World in her year.  Argentina placed as 1st runner-up in 1964 and 1967 Miss World editions.  Then, after a Top 15 finish in 1976, Silvana Suárez won Miss World 1978.  The last placement of Argentina was Top 6 in Miss World 1987.  Since then the country has not cracked the semi-finals at Miss World.  Will Elena Roca end the drought this year?

Elena Roca: Chances in Miss World 2016

Elena needs a lot of work if she wants to place in Miss World.  Firstly she needs to figure out the right styling in terms of hair and overall looks.  If she puts her heart in the preparations for the pageant, a placement is not impossible. It seems difficult though.