Denise Frigo has been crowned as Miss Earth Italy 2016


Denise Frigo has been chosen as Miss Earth Italy 2016 in a ceremony held at Milan, Italy on 20th July 2016.  She succeeds Aurora Pienagoda as Miss  Tierra Italia.  She will represent Italy at coming Miss Earth pageant that will be held later this year in Philippines.

Denise Frigo will be first Miss Italy to win Miss Earth if she wins later this year.  Miss Earth Italia has been sending representatives to Miss Earth from 2006.  The first contestant Maria Lucia Leo did not place but won Miss Photogenic.  Italy’s first placement was achieved by Ilenia Arnolfo in Miss Earth 2010.  She made the first cut in finals.  Second and last placement was achieved by Giulia Capuani in Miss Earth 2012.  Again she could only make the first cut.  The pageant also sends representatives to Miss Grand International.

Hopes are high from Denise Frigo because of her stunning looks and strong modelling experience.  Some of the pageant portals have already labeled her as a Goddess.  Will she live upto to the expectations?  Only time will tell!

Credits:- & Denise Frigo on Facebook