Mohit Singh of India is Mister United Continents 2016!

Mohit Singh of India has won the coveted title of Mister United Continents 2016.  The finals were held in Philippines today.  In the same event, Mister Vietnam won the title of Master United Continents 2016 (higher age-group).

Mohit Singh of India is new to modelling world.  He is working as an engineer with Havells India in Noida, Delhi.  His life took a turn when he won Rubaru Mister India United Continents 2016 title two months ago and now his life will change further!

Mohit Singh’s court includes Mr UK (1st Runner-up), Mr Vietnam (2nd Runner-up), Mr Myanmar (3rd RU), Mr Thailand (4th RU) and Mr Borneo (5th RU).  Best Physique went to Mr Myanmar.  Darling of Press went to Mr Canada.  Best in Resorts wear went to Vietnam.  Best in Sports went to Czech Republic.  Mr Friendship went to Mr Canada.  Mr UK won Mr Photogenic.  Mr India won award for online popularity.  Best Advocacy video went to Mr Borneo.  Master Vietnam won Best in National Costume.

India’ Rohit Khandelwal won Mr World title just recently.  He is the first Asian to win the coveted title.  India is preparing to welcome the new star tomorrow morning and in these joys, the news of Mohit Singh’s success is adding more gaeity!  India has seen huge success in Miss pageants.  Now it is time for the country to shine in Mister pageants!

Image:  Mohit’s Page on Facebook (Sumit Sahni Photography)