Femina’s latest cover draws flak from pageant fans


So the new Femina cover is out.  Every year the Femina magazine has one cover featuring the new Miss Indias.  This cover is awaited by Indian pageant fans every year.  2016 was no exception.  It was known to many that Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan will be part of the cover along with Femina Miss India 2016 winners.  However, now that the cover is out, the fans are not exactly happy!

Here’s why:  Some say the girls deserved the cover for themselves and SRK is stealing the limelight.  It was supposed to be about Miss Indias and not SRK!  Some say the undergarments of the girls are visible and the picture is a bit sleazy.  People compare it with 2000 cover (Shahrukh Khan with Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra and Dia Mirza) and say how the new one is inferior.  2000 cover had Miss India winners in Indian wear and the overall feel was very elegant.  People compare the cover with a newly released group photo of Binibining Pilipinas 2016 winners that the official page of the national organization shared few days ago and again they are not happy that Pinoy queens have got a better shot!

We understand the dissappointment.  The fans want the best for Indian pageantry.  They are well-meaning.  But we do have one thing to say to all of them – CHILL OUT!

Our message to bashers of Femina cover

This is just a magazine cover!  The girls were not going to get brownie points if the cover was fabulous.  The cover is not bad, per say.  Many people seem to be over-reacting!  The girls were new when the picture was shot.  There is still a lot of time for their international pageants!  They can improve.  They can get better.  And SRK, what’s the fault of that guy here!  In India, Bollywood is bigger than pageantry.  If having the dude in the shot can get attention to the new Miss Indias, what’s so wrong!  There will be more covers, and the new Miss Indias may have individual covers too.  So take a chill pill guys!  As such, pageantry is after all just entertainment.  There is a lot of stuff in life to pay attention to.  There are many other entertainment sources.  Why make a big deal out of all this?! India is doing well in many other fronts.  There is a lot to cherish and appreciate.  Have fun, everyone!

So that’s all the message we wanted to give – RELAX!!

Credits: Femina Miss India Facebook