How to Handle Pressure when you are competing in a Pageant?

|| Keeping your calm at Pageants||

Pageants are not just about glamour and beauty. The process also includes a month-long examination where the girls are tested for their endurance and on how they can manage everything without loosing their nerves. Said that it usually includes tight schedules, sleepless nights, back to back hours of gruelling rehearsals. And over this you need to keep yourself awake and active all the time, while fitting in your workout schedule in this already jam-packed schedule. Here are a few tips, I would like to keep forth based on my personal life experiences, which have helped me tremendously. And I am sure it will help you too. 🙂

1) Meditate:

How to Handle Pressure when you are competing in a Pageant?
Managing so many things at a time in such a jam packed schedule may take a toll on your nerves and ends up making you irritated . You may end up thinking, “Is all this really needed?”, “Do I really need to do this?”, “Why and what am I doing here?”.Many similar thoughts may pop up in your mind, thus stopping you from achieving what you dreamt of. In addition to this getting irritated and feeling lost is the last thing you need to do in any thing you persue at doing.  So, it becomes really important that you learn to keep your mind under your control and not let it create a havoc within you.

How to do ?
There are multiple forms of meditation. You are free to choose any form.  The one, which I am trying to keep forth is just an initial part of a very large form called “vipassana”. It was discovered by Lord Gautama Buddha himself. The initial bit includes, observing your breath,while sitting at a calm place in a comfortable posture, with your back and neck straight. Remember, it’s ‘not a form of pranayama’ . So, don’t breath forcefully, just observe it going in and out of your nostrils. You may find it very easy until you do it. But trust me, it will tell you how difficult it is to keep your mind in control. And honestly, if you continue doing it everyday for just 10 minutes, you will yourself find positive results.


1) Makes you calm

2) keeps your nerves under control

3) Increases your focus

4) Adds a positive glow on your face

5) Helps you observe things better and to take the right thoughtful steps at the right time.

Note– Avoid doing it in full stomach/after meals as you many feel sleepy then, and it won’t be much effective due to the same. Start early!! Trying it at the end moment won’t help because you will never learn the in and outs of it and your mind and body will reject the application of self control.

2)  Always remember “The LAW OF IMPERMANENCE”.

How to Handle Pressure when you are competing in a Pageant?

It says, nothing is permanent and it’s ought to pass. However good or bad it may be, it will pass as time passes. So, never be too elated nor feel low about anything. Just be observant of the situation, keep your calm and move with the flow.

#Remember these 3 GOLDEN PHILOSOPHIES :

a) Do your deed, never worry about the fruit.
b) No one gets anything before time and more than what they deserve.
c) You reap what you sow.

All these three quotes have the same thing to say, ‘Just DO YOUR BIT and leave the rest to destiny’.

3) Maintain Discipline:

How to Handle Pressure when you are competing in a Pageant?


It’s always the key to success. Almost all the pageants keep a check on how disciplined you are, through dedicated pageant spies, who may be anyone from the hotel staff to members from the organisation. You are almost always under Surveillance. So, keep a check on your behaviour and how you schedule yourself, from the very beginning you start your preparations.Prepare a proper time-table, where in you can fit all your activities, and stick to it what come may. People who make excuses can never succeed in doing anything. Be strict with yourself in this part. The better you perform in your practice/preparation sessions the better you will be when it’s the most needed. And above all it will also give you an insight on how to manage time during the actual pageant season, without stressing yourself out.

I would like to end this post with a small piece of advice. You may fail in the process of “keeping calm” in the initial phases. But trust me, you will yourself watch the results coming through with time. Just stick to the above points with full dedication, knowing that “Rome was never built in a day”. ITS TRIED AND TESTED 🙂

Best of luck. Give your best shot at it !!!!!

Author: RB Putki, Design Expert from The Great Pageant Community FB Group under #HelpMissDiva initiative.