Don’t Underestimate: Miss Universe Croatia 2016

Barbara Filipovic Miss Universe Croatia 2016.

Barbara Filipovic shall be representing Croatia in Miss Universe 2016. Barbara shall be having an uphill task as Croatia’s last placement was in 2012 with the courtesy of Elizabeta Burg, post which Croatia is yet to place in Miss Universe contest. Although the country has a good track record of sending beautiful girls, the weak Sash factor works as an obstruction in their way to make it to the finale. Croatia is yet to win the crown of Miss Universe, but this time the country has just done a wonderful job by crowning a STUNNER in the form of Barbara Filipovic. We do have a feeling that she is a serious threat to the crown this year and has very bright chances of penetrating into the Top 5 slot. Let’s  see how good odds are in her favour at Miss Universe this year.

Placement determinants at Miss Universe 

Barbara Filipovic Miss Universe Croatia 2016.

#1-Beauty: Beauty is something that Barbara has in tonnes. The serenity on her face can not only impress the judges of Miss Universe, but any pageant she goes to. The recent trend of Miss Universe has shown that they have started to focus more on naturally beautifully girls rather than chiselled faced modelesque fierce glamazonas. If we were to rate her beauty we would simply give her 9.5+ score out of 10.

#2-Personality: The edition of Miss Universe 2015 and Miss USA 2016, under new ownership of IMG, has shown that they are looking for women who are more accomplished on overall factor than just a ramp model. Barbara is a student of Veterinary Medicine. Her hobbies are traveling, horse riding, running, cooking and reading. This will definitely give her a positive outlook at Miss Universe this year. We just hope the national organisation is also helping her in improving her question answer skills because that will help her a lot in closed door interview.

Barbara Filipovic Miss Universe Croatia 2016.

#3-Body: If the contest is purely based on body this year, Barbara will slaughter the contest with her extremeluy feminine body and charming 100 watt smile. She has such an arousing body than can turn you on easily. The picture says it all, we don’t need to judge any further here..!!!

#4-Styling: Although Croatia is not the most well style delegate every year, so far we have seen Barbara in decent to perfect styling during her appearances. Moreover, she seems to be taking her make-up sessions well as she has not overdone it so far. Again, if the national organisation helps in finding a perfect gown and few dresses for appearances in Miss Universe, she will be the one to watch out this year.

#5-Politics: The new organisation seems to be working more towards the merit of the delegates rather than Sash factor, as we saw many unpredictable placements in Miss Universe 2015 as well as Miss USA 2016. This gives a fair chance to the girls from the countries who don’t place every time. We really doubt that Croatia will have any disadvantage this year. In fact a stunning girl from a country who has not place much will definitely grab a lot of attention.

Conclusion: We feel it’s an easy bet to put her in Top 15 right now. She has a very good amount of potential to do well in the finale of Miss Universe 2016. The only thing she needs is a proper amount of training and mental strength, if she gets these two things, we have a winner.. 🙂

Credits: Miss Universe Croatia Page