Winner of Miss USA 2016, TGPC People’s Choice Award is…

Miss USA 2016 may be shorter than usual Miss USA pageants, but it is perhaps a lot more exciting.  Few days ago, the world witnessed the prelims and the ones who claimed that this year’s batch is weak had to chew their own words!  The show was a spectacle, in which many women presented themselves with amazing confidence and beauty which was truly enchanting.  The fans are always a bit more excited about such popular pageants than lot of people would imagine, and hence their favorites are in place months ago the pageant starts.  But one night of prelims and all the predictions change.  The same thing happened in Miss USA 2016 too.  And this just made the pageant more exciting!  Finals are in few hours, we can’t wait anymore!

In the meanwhile, it is time to announce the results of our traditional People’s Choice Awards.  As every year, we have got a very good response to our poll, with a very high number of votes in a really short period of time.

The winner for the title is… Miss Tennessee, Hope Stephens!

Hope Stephens, Miss Tennessee USA
Tennessee,Hope Stephens

Hope Stephens won by an overwhelming majority!  She got around 75 % of votes.  The second place went to Miss California Nadia Mejia.  Hope Stephens was Miss Upper Cumberland USA and won the state title on 10th October last year.  She won the title in Clarksville.  She got crowned by Miss Tennessee USA 2015 Kiara Young.  Hope Stephens is already a strong contestant for Miss USA title.  She has a gorgeous face and a lovely smile.  The sash of Tennessee is very strong.  And now she gets the nod of people too.  Hope Stephens is carrying the hopes of many, who want her to win the national title like other Tennessee girls, Miss USA 2000 Lynnette Cole and Miss USA 2007 Rachel Smith.  How far will Hope achieve this goal?  We’ll know in few hours. 🙂

Credits: Miss USA Facebook