Pageant Questions Season 2 Episode 10 Results

We have come to the conclusion another magical episode. It was pure fun and entertainment. We received 23 entries in all. It was amazing to read all the magical answers and the part we loved the most was that most of the people had the same view of doing something good for the world. Well, if that happens, the world shall become a paradise. Moving forward, here’s showing the question for this week:


The judges of this week were: Andreas Sarkar, Saloni Sharma, Avantika Singh and Robin Verma.

The Rules:

1 Answers to be given in English only.
2 Word limit: 100 words at the max. You may check word-count using any of the numerous online tools like or Word.
3 Answers copied from the internet or having plagiarism issues shall be disqualified.
4 Answer only as comments on the original post made on the page.
5 Deadline: Sunday, April 24th, 2016, 4 pm IST

Here are the results:

Winner: Otniel Theodore Fabrianto

His Answer: I would feel vexed and frustrated. I do want magical powers. I know by having magical powers I can make my life easier. I know that I could help everybody around me . But, Having magical powers will restrict my ability to be able to live a normal life. I would be so tempted to use my powers in my daily activities, that I forgot how to be a normal human being. The important part of doing something is to learn and enjoy the process. And by having magical powers, it will take that fun away from me. Score: 8.9875

1st Runner Up: Chinkey Saini

Her Answer:  I’ll be shocked. Every time something unusual comes to me I reflect shock accompanied by fear at immediate.I don’t know what is in store but that’s the best part about it.All I know is that I am going to practice until I excel in casting my magic.Powers are meaningless unless used for good and others.Of course it’s a call of responsibility and honor to be a blessed one.Wherever and however I could help the world I’ll stand firm like a ‘power’ puff girl. Score: 8.975

2nd Runner Up: Mohit Gaikwad

His Answer: My immediate feeling would be of that excitement of feeling in Cloud9. But my immediate decision would be to control my excitement at that moment ,may testing my powers won’t harm anyone. And then decide whether my responsibility for serving mankind would take as impression or benevolence.And promise myself not to use those power over my weaknesses (rage) and self-orientation usually. May my invincible powers make my dreams and Hardwork successful, abolishing dirty politics,contract-killings, threatenings. First spell would be casting Rains. Score: 8.95

3rd Runner Up: Ashwarya Narangikar

Her Answer: I am a total bookworm and love reading novels, but as time goes on so fast, I doubt whether I would be able to read all that are on my wish list. If I acquire magical powers I would surely stop time and acquire my wishes. I think reading surely accomplishes you as a person and adds to your intellect to strive to do better for the society in general. And I think I would do full justice to my powers by grooming myself and doing something better for the world. Score: 8.8

4th Runner Up: Nehal Chudasama and Daniel D’ Souza

Nehal’s Answer: No doubt… The moment I discover I’ve acquired magical powers I will feel Enormously Fortunate.. And Happy like there’s no Limit to it! Knowingly with these large powers comes the responsibility to safeguard them and utilise them in every positive way.. So I would also feel Responsible and evolved!

Daniel’s Answer: Being a potter-head I won’t be amazed but yes it would be dream come true. Having a magical power is always a potter-head dream and to use that power would be so awesome. Using spells to create a fire, making our enemy blew into air or maybe turn them into some mythical create ride on them. Or maybe creating your own “Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry” to have the same feeling to go through in reality which we went through the series. Being sorted into your house meet new people around the globe who share the same passion about magic.

Their Score: 8.75