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#FindingMiss52: A brilliant move by Miss USA

#FindingMiss52: A brilliant move by Miss USA


Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan will crown her successor on 5th June 2016.

This year girls throughout the United States of America will have a chance to win Miss USA even if they did not participate in any of the state pageants.  All they have to do is to fill up a form on the Miss USA official website and share three posts on their social media account(s) with #FindingMiss52 hash-tag.  These posts should have photos or videos of the girls.  The girls can start posting from 20th April 2016 up to 2nd May 2016.  10 lucky finalists will be selected by judges and then the public will vote for their favourites until 18th May 2016.  On 18th, the results will be announced and the lucky winner will join the 51 contestants of Miss USA 2016 to compete for the Miss USA 2016 pageant!  She will wear Miss 52 USA sash in the finals.

In our opinion, #FindingMiss52 is a brilliant concept.  Just imagine the huge amount of promotion that the pageant will get on social media because of this!  It can also create a national buzz.  There can be a huge increase in the number of people paying interest to the national finals on 5th June 2016.  There can be a huge rise in the TRPs of the show as well.  The views of Miss USA website may grow by multiple times.  Many girls throughout the country will benefit from this.  It will be a huge opportunity to the numerous girls who lost state-pageants this year.  No more waiting for one year to fulfil your Miss USA dreams!  Also, this method of involving audiences makes much more sense than asking viewers to score/vote on the internet during the finals, like it was done in Miss Universe & Miss USA last year.  There will be some efforts that Miss USA will have to make for getting this done well.  But the results can be worth the efforts.

Thus, in our opinion, #FindingMiss52 is a great move.

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  1. Shud not b afraid*

    And yes, we are single threaded because we choose to b positive which is certainly not what a messed up mind like you can fathom.

  2. Wow someone is burnt as hell lol. Wats your jealousy with the lucky girl? They are the ones who make the rules amd they hv the right to change it. Oh pls spare this world and our blog with your shallow, negative opinion. I suppose you hav some friend who spent a lot of money and failed. Just imagine how much this can mean to the other girls. And the genuinely deserving secured girl shud t b afraid of all this and certainly u r not there my friend. Best wishes with your shallow sighted and negative thinking.

  3. Interesting perspective – if your view is as single-threaded as the potential buzz – and of course more money for the owners. Which obviously is exactly why this STUNT is being forced “down the throat” of the Miss Universe’s organization by it’s brand new owners IMG/WME. How about the “legitimate” other 51 competitors who have all worked for years and spent many thousands of dollars getting themselves positioned to be eligible by actually accomplishing a lofty goal – by WINNING their state pageants’. Which, by-the-way, IS a stated requirement according the Official Rules for eligibility to Compete. And by-the-way, the “51” have been utterly insulted by this stunt and wonder why they’d even want to be Miss USA now, with owners who could care less about the hard-earned integrity of the organization. Gosh, I wonder if you could possibly imagine what the Miss USA Pageant would be like – without the “51”? How about you wake up and analyze ALL the dimensions of this “brilliant move”, not just a single thread’s worth – since you’re the “supposed “expert”! Why don’t you ask the people in control, how they plane on avoiding the written, published rules for the first time in the history of the Miss Universe system?

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