Stronger country in pageantry – Thailand or Indonesia?

Bigger powerhouse in pageantry - Thailand or Indonesia?
Thailand (left) was Top 10 at Miss Universe 2015, while Indonesia (right) was Top 15.

Pageantry is becoming more and more popular in Asia.  This is true especially for south-east Asian countries.  One reason is definitely the presence of the pageant powerhouse Philippines in the area.  Pageants are the “main thing” in Philippines.  There is no doubt that Philippines is No. 1 in Asian pageantry.  While India’s placement is still debatable and subjective, the country in our opinion is second because of the strong performance in the 90s.  Two countries which are strongly battling for a higher spot as Thailand and Indonesia.

Indonesia has managed to bag placements in total for 4 times in Miss Universe.  The country has never made it to the Top 10.  They have done well in “Best in National Costume” segment. However, Indonesia needs to be taken seriously in the pageant for one simple reason – it is one of the very few countries to have consistently placed at Miss Universe in past 3 years.  It is not just about placement, the three girls who placed have shown strong potential in their years of participation.  Whulandry Herman (2013) was fierce.  Elvira Devinamira (2014) was a doll!  Anindya Putri (2015) showed a lot of grace and preparation in her performance.  In Miss World, the country has been placing since 2011.  In 2011, Astrid Yunadi won “Beauty with a purpose”.  In 2013, Vania Larissa won “Miss World Talent”.  In 2014, Maria Rahajeng was one of the 5 winners of “Beauty with a purpose”.  In 2015, Maria Harfanti won “Beauty with a purpose” and finished as 2nd runner-up, also winning “Continental Queen of Asia”.

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Thailand placed at Miss Universe in 2006, 2007, 1967, 1984 and 2015 at Miss Universe.  The country won Miss Universe 1988 and 1965 with Porntip Nakhirunkanok and Apasra Hongsakula respectively.  They have won number of special awards too over the years.  Thailand has not won Miss World title till now.  The country has placed in 2011, 2010 & 2014.  Miss Thailand Tanya Suesuntisook was 4th runner-up in Miss World 1997 and Miss Thailand Prathumrat Woramali was 3rd runner-up in Miss World 1989.  Thailand has also won numerous special awards at Miss World over the years.

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Both the countries have done quite well in other international pageants also – Miss Supranational, Miss International, Miss Grand International & Miss Earth.  We have given detailed comparison for the performances in Mega 2 pageants only.  As per our experts, both the countries are pretty neck to neck.  What is your opinion?  Which country must be taken more seriously in the field of pageantry – Indonesia or Thailand?

Credits: Facebook pages of Miss World & Miss Universe