Pageant Questions Season 2 Episode 9 Results

This week’s episode received 16 entries in all 🙂 The judges of this week: Andreas Sarkar, Saloni Sharma, Avantika Singh and Roopesh D’Souza. The rules as usual:

1 Answers to be given in English only.
2 Word limit: 100 words at the max. You may check word-count using any of the numerous online tools like or Word.
3 Answers copied from the internet or having plagiarism issues shall be disqualified.
4 Answer only as comments on the original post made on the page.
5 Deadline: Sunday, April 17th, 2016, 4 pm IST

The question was:

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What is the biggest lie that you have ever spoken/ can speak for getting success in life?

Without further ado, let’s move on to our results.

Winner: Chinkey Saini

Her Answer: As a child I lied out of fear many times and got scolded by my mom. As I grew I learnt elders do it too but under the name of diplomacy and it sounded important for existence. But sooner I understood that success is a synonym of honesty and lying in order to achieve it may turn the tables temporarily but in the long run you lay empty handed. For me biggest success counts the relations we make and no sort of lie, small or big is acceptable.I would never lie. Score: 9.13

First Runner Up: Kartik Behl

His Answer: To err is to human to forgive is a guy i have definitely raised a lot of eyebrows for lying..but it has never been or will be d basis of my success…if i look back i guess i have achieved what i wanted to at dis age and dis is all because of my diligent self..success and lies cant go hand in hand..u need to be upfront for success lie can always underline u as a scapegoat in your eyes.. Score: 9

Second Runner Up: Adney Goncalves and Ashwarya Narangikar

Adney’s Answer: I lie, I do, everyone does, But not when it comes to success. Achieving success by lying isn’t my cup of tea because it will always haunt me that I reached a position I don’t deserve to be in. Success earned by hard work reaps thousand folds, success earned by lying is like castle built on a sand, It won’t stay. Thank u. Score: 8.9167

Ashwarya’s Answer:  A quote from movie ‘3 idiots’ states that don’t run after success, rather be so good that success runs after you. I believe this and think that there is no shortcut to success other than doing hardwork. A lie can fulfil short term goals but in long run you have to spin a web of lies to cover up the former one that it degrades you in the eyes of society & in your own eyes as you begin to feel your self confidence lessening.If you don’t feel happy then success has no meaning. Score:8.9167


Congratulations 🙂