Pageant Questions Season 2 Episode 8 Results

Another wonderful episode, this one, has been 🙂 This episode received 23 entries in all. The question for this week was:


A small poem for this week:
I am a dream…
Plunging into the depths of marvellous seas
A mermaid, in motion! Giggling about at the heavenly peace,
Or is it the awestruck life around?
Making peace and merry abound
I exhilarate….as I pass….
I am a dream…
Traversing the mountains, hills and the forests wild,
A unicorn, sparking hope! Relishing the nature’s lap like an innocent child,
Pure n pious Like a saint
Gleaming brilliantly golden, as I paint
My shows on the forest walls..
I glow as the light pervades…
I am a dream…
Dancing to the tunes of celebrating winds
A firefly, emanating passion! Glittering and twittering to the hues of my mind
I sparkle and shine, as my dreams unfold,
My dance speaks of many storied untold
I flutter as I transform…
I am a dream..
Soaring high in the skies making beautiful sounds
A robin bird, oozing life.. I sprinkle happiness,
and bring good luck Infusing the magic of spring into the ‘autumn struck’
I rejoice, as the dreams phosphoresce…
Warmth trickles down the cheeks,
As senses bring me back to life, I realise that this life is not just for my own,
But to serve for the nation’s pride..
I thank God for being so gentle and kind
For all his gifts, and blessings entwined
I pledge to be of service, to mankind
To serve the destitute, the unprivileged, and the blind
My eyes envision a future bright
Where happiness pervades, and life’s a delight…………C Kaur


The jury for this week: Andreas Sarkar, Saloni Sharma, Roopesh D’Souza and Vagisha Mishra.

The Rules:

1 Answers to be given in English only.
2 Word limit: 100 words at the max. You may check word-count using any of the numerous online tools like or Word.
3 Answers copied from the internet or having plagiarism issues shall be disqualified.
4 Answer only as comments on the original post made on the page.
5 Deadline: Sunday, April 10th, 2016, 4 pm IST

Here’s the result:

Winner: Sanjana Karkera

Her Answer:   I’ll be a cat! I always wanted to be one, & to master the perfect cat Walk and have the perfect cat eye. It rules the world not with power but with its elegance & poise. It’s a Queen that everyone adores. It also knows how to stand up for itself like a modern women with its fierce paws & Wild Meow. Well, I really love that soft little thing & it would be amazing to experience its life. Score:9.4

1st Runner Up: Alvin Sebetero

His Answer: Good Evening! It would be a pleasure for me to wake up as an “ANT”. The world of ants is a perfect example of how society should work. Everyone are working hard together and their differences in responsibilities made them a much stronger community. The way they defend, collect food and work together is something that we should learn from. It’s a shame that these small creatures could teach us humans how we should live together in a community. Score:9

2nd Runner Up: Riddhima

Her Answer:  Living somebody else’s life is a big opportunity and I too would grab it and get transformed into a mermaid. The life under water is big mystery and I want to experience it once.Best known for their beauty and unmatched love,getting drenched in their sensual aura and pumping out that poise is a dream.There can be nothing more tempting than being a part of nature. Thankyou for this beautiful question. Score: 8.9875

3rd Runner Up: Mohit Gaikwad, Abu Pame and Aditi Pillai

Mohit’s Answer:  Overwhelmed by the Question. How it would be waking up in the morning and found ourselves in Sea. Yes, I am eager to become Dolphin. Just imagine, how excited would be to swim around Ocean (discovering new places).  Dolphins are really cute looking creations, one of the Clever creatures, very active, friendly and are symbol of Smartness. Now as a human, I want their characteristics which I lack and I believe I would overcome it. Like a Dolphin, I would like to find myself Smart, Adventurous and Lovable

Abu’s Answer: I would like to wake up as a nightingale . The Nightingale is such a lovely and beautiful bird that sings melodiously. I would like to sing melodiously to bring ecstasy to the ears of human beings who are torn apart in this violent world . I would like to inspire depressed and sad people , and bring peace with my lovely voice. As John Keats says , “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” , my beautiful voice will be a joy forever to man kind . Thank you.

Aditi’s Answer:  If I found myself transformed to a totally new creature, I would want to be as one of the most uniquely skinned animal! Zebra. Like most members of the horse family, zebras are highly social animals. They usually live in groups. They graze together and even groom one another. They believe in togetherness. They are brave and care deeply for their group members. They are very courageous animals who can be the best teachers of ‘Unity is strength.’ And yes, not to forget. They share carpe diem moments and make memories together just like me! Thank you.

Score: 8.95

4th Runner Up: Rimzenith Tamang

Her Answer:   I would definitely want to wake up as a bird. The strength of gusty winds and the freedom you feel while scaling the sky with your wings is beyond any adventure. The sense of pride while soaring high from the ground and get a perfect view of nature is what I have always dreamed of. The ability to fly and travel at your own will, makes life even worth living. Danke schön for a great question. Score: 8.925

Congratulations! 🙂

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