Daniella Walcott, Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2016 [Exclusive Interview]

Daniella Walcott has been crowned as Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2016.  She will represent Trinidad & Tobago at Miss World 2016.  Daniella Walcott has a lot of time in front of her to prepare for Miss World 2016.  She is sister of Gabrielle Walcott- 2nd runner up at Miss World 2008 and Magdalene Walcott- Top 20 at Miss World 2003.

It was our pleasure to have an exclusive interview with Daniella Walcott just in few moments she was crowned as Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2016.

Daniella Walcott, Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Interview with Daniella Walcott, Miss World T&T

1)   How does it feel to be crowned as the most beautiful girl in the country?

I am elated and honoured to receive such a title and to be chosen amongst so many beautiful women in Trinidad and Tobago. I also feel that this responsibility and journey is something that I will totally enjoy since it resonates deeply with my true purpose.

2) What are your three biggest strengths that can propel you towards international glory?

–  My ability to work with others who are in depressed situations, motivating them to do better and over come their obstacles, to be a positive light to them. This personality attribute will help in the service of others esp with my BWAP project. (relating to others, being down to earth, compassionate) and empowering those in need.

–   My communication skills and public speaking.

–  My ability to just stand out, My presence.

3) BWAP is considered as heart of Miss World.  What are the causes & charities close to your heart?

– My work with the Living Water community for a few years has exposed me to a variety of charities. Some of them are: service to Cancer patients, HIV patients, feeding the homeless, visiting children and adolescent homes and visiting refugees. I also helped raise money for the Just Because foundation together with my parang band.

4) How will you prepare for Miss World 2016 pageant?

–  Intense training in: presentation skills, communication skills, (public speaking) walking, training at the gym athletically, etiquette, networking, wardrobe co-ordination, makeup application, hairstyling techniques, health and wellness, modeling, dance, vocal and musical training, promotion of T&T, working on developing a campaign for my BWAP and to bring awareness to the public about it.

–  Research and home work on the Miss World pageant

–  Reading the international news and current affairs.

Daniella Walcott, Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2016

5) What aspects of your country would you project to everyone during Miss World 2016?  How will you do it?

I would display my country via wearing an array of designs/creations from our local fashion designers that reflects the culture of T&T.

I will tell them stories about my country; Geological and historical and even folklore.

The Dances of the World will embody the typography of Trinidad and Tobago. Such a wonder of the world it would be.

6) Today the world is facing extreme threat from terrorists.  What can be done to overcome it?

One small thought and seed can change the entire world. When one person makes a conscious evolution to change themselves for the better through love, its inspires and influences all to change. The internet an extremely powerful medium to broadcasting personal evolution and powerful change that just one individual can make, just at the touch of your hands. Once we can personally evolve we can influence the global energy to raise to greater things, this is how we over come negativity and terrorism. More negativity breaths negativity, positivity heals and empowers individuals.

7) Tell us about your family, education, occupation, work, interests and hobbies.

I come from a humble home, my mother and father have groomed me from a young age to be a leader, to publicly speak and pray.

We are humble and loving, we value the smallest things that we have in life. My father was a Commander of the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard, however now retired. My mother works as a Manager of a store. My sisters, we are all creative, my youngest sister is a powerful writer and ambitious about her life goals, my second sister is soon to be graduating as a fashion designer.

I am currently focused on completing my degree in Theatre Design and production with Majors in Set design and Costume Design and Production Management, (November 2016). I enjoy Public Speaking having recently been a host for my friends musical concert. I am currently developing my own Design Business and also am owner for my painting company ‘Daniella Walcott Creations’. Just to name a few things that I truly enjoy.

8) Would you like to leave a message for your admirers from “The Great Pageant Community”

I intend to create an incredible successful reign in 2016, bringing joy, inspiration and service to others. IT is a journey I have dreamt about all of my life; I am grateful for every moment of it and I cannot wait to share it all with all of you. Thank you for your support. Love Daniella.

Daneilla Walcott is a fabulous girl and will bring pride to her country.  We are thankful to Daniella Walcott for her time and wish her the best for the coming year!

Credits: KYN Photography