Pageant Questions Season 2 Episode 7 Results

This week’s episode received 24 entries in total. The Rules for this week’s episode:
1 Answers to be given in English only.
2 Word limit: 100 words at the max.
3 Answers copied from the internet or having plagiarism issues shall be disqualified.
4 Answer only as comments on the original post made on the page.
5 Deadline: Sunday, April 3rd, 2016, 4 pm IST.
The question for this week: No matter how much a person achieves in professional and personal life, there are times when he feels alone in a cold way. What is missing?


The judges for this week: Saloni Sharma, Roopesh D’Souza, Vagisha Mishra, Lisbern Shawn, and Avantika Singh

Without further ado, let’s move on to our winners:

Winner: Simeon Singsit

His Answer: A person who have achieved a lot in his professional life and doing so well in his personal life can never be alone because he has done something good in his personal equation with people involved in his life. It’s human tendency to feel alone. If he can accept it, it’s called achievements. If he feels alone despite his successes, then I believe communication is missing in his life. And also he isn’t valuing his worth. He just have to speak up and share his problems with people he trust. Its a technology age, communicating has become much easier. if he is willing to share his joy and difficult times, he will never be lonely even if he is alone. Score: 9.24

1st Runner Up: Nehal Chudasama

Her Answer: While on the way towards achieving success, A person, often miss out on other things, People, opportunities and also a huge span of time which they were actually suppose to utilise on other activities. They miss their Childhood. They miss the People who have left long back. They miss the person they were before achieving success. Basically there’s nothing missing it’s just a set of expectations they have in their minds. Life is a example of an ultimate change. You cannot have everything altogether. The expectations of having them all makes you feel alone. Score: 9.05

2nd Runner Up: Alvin Sebetero Papageorgiou and Chinkey Saini (tie)

Alvin’s Answer: Good Evening Everyone!
Life is always a journey to one’s goal and anyone can achieve something and be successful. And I say journey because sometimes, people are only focused on their final destination and forgetting the most important thing in a journey to success — and that is enjoying the view, appreciate the beauty all around you and be happy. At the end of the day, you didn’t only reach your goal but also learned from everything you saw and everyone you met.

Chinkey’s Answer: One feels alone when he gets empty inside.The missing part is warmth.Warmth of sharing and love.Unless you learn to love yourself and share smiles around,you cannot bring the real essence back to life. Stealing moments of change and affection out of your “successful life”,not only for yourself but others can help you fill yourself inside out.

Score: 9.04

3rd Runner Up: Otniel Theodore Febrianto

His Answer: We would miss our old self. As we found greater success, we are forced to adjust or even throw away every wrong part in our lives to be able to fit in to the environment. We would miss out the times when we are still a carefree, fun-loving and fearless person as we are before. We’re being forced to have responsibilities and it will tie us down. We’re being taught to be wary and not to trust anybody. We have no one to confide in. That’s why we feel alone sometimes. We need someone that we can trust. Score: 8.908

4th Runner Up: Sanjana Karkera

The Person achieving Professional & Personal life sometimes feels alone because he is missing on the journey , the chase , the mystery.Often the things we dream of now are not as pleasing after achieving it,we can take the example of love,where it’s wait is more fun.The Real Achievement is the Hard work we do ,the support we get,the different challenges we face & win in the journey of our goal. Therefore for me the missing element is enjoyment of Journey.Thank you. Score: 8.884

Completing our Top 7 are Darshan Sonavane and Jordan Kharrubon (tied at 8.846)


The whole episode can be accessed at Episode 7