Femina Miss India 2016 Hotpicks # 2 [Exclusive]

Femina Miss India 2016: Hotpicks # 2

Femina Miss India 2016 hotpicks

Femina Miss India 2016 is getting more exciting as the time is passing.  Although few girls have emerged as strong contenders, it is still anybody’s game.  It is quite possible that on 9th April 2016, the winner who emerges out may not be there in Top 10 list of most of the fans.  This has happened often in Femina Miss India.  Last year’s winner Aditi Arya was also not the top favourite.

This time, 10 pageant experts was invited to be part of the judging panel of Hotpicks.  The experts are prominent members of The Great Pageant Community (Group).  Based on the scores given by the judges, here are the results of the Hotpicks.

10) Dnyanda Shringarpure


Dnyanda Shringarpure is one of favorites for Femina Miss India 2016
Dnyanda Shringarpure


“What I like about Dnyanda Shringarpure is her confident smile, composed poses, and no sign of inhibition or stress whatever in her poise.  Her choice of National costume looks appealing..  If styled well she can do wonders”, says judge Kamartaj Pathan.

9) Priyanka Singh

Priyanka Singh is one of favorites for Femina Miss India 2016
Priyanka Singh



“Priyanka Singh is quiet calm and composed at a glance, but the way she carried out her swimsuit portrait is beyond praiseworthy. It reflects she is versatile and has the potential to adapt herself as per the changes. She is a smart player, who is gaining momentum as the days are passing by and is surely at a right path”, says judge Vagisha Mishra.

8) Adya Niraj

 Adya Niraj is one of favorites for Femina Miss India 2016
Adya Niraj


“Adya is one girl who has been on the pageant radar for the past one year because of her striking similarity to Megan Young. A true beauty who has worked hard immensely over the past one year to prove her worth. When she auditioned last year and failed to make the cut she worked on herself and this year came back with a bang and ended up as a 2nd runner up at Miss Kolkata and then made it through the top 21 of the 2016 batch. A criticism for her which has been constant is her pictures are not showcasing her exact potential and why is that because she does not know her angles as pointed by Sasha Jairam, if she gets her angles right and her body in an even better shape then there is no stopping her from taking the main Miss World crown”, says judge Ritika Pal.

7) Sanjana GL

Sanjana GL is one of favorites for Femina Miss India 2016
Sanjana GL


“Now this girl has been a sheer surprise. When she won her spot at fbb Femina Miss India Bangalore, she failed to make her worthy spot in the hearts of her fans . But, then when she appeared at the final auditions, BAM !! The transformation was quite evident ! Now, can she be the ‘Gurleen Grewal’ of FBB Femina Miss India 2016 ? Time will tell ! But for now, we suppose it’s a Big Fat Yes !!”, says judge R B Putki.

6) Vaishnavi Patwardhan

Vaishnavi Patwardhan is one of favorites for Femina Miss India 2016
Vaishnavi Patwardhan


“Vaishnavi is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic girl in the bunch. This Tiara girl can easily be Femina’s choice if she brings some extra energy to the table”, says judge Aman Singh.

5) Dimple Paul

Dimple Paul is one of favorites for Femina Miss India 2016
Dimple Paul


“Dimple Paul for me….. She rocked in Swimsuit Round. Perfect Supermodel. I find her in 1st runner up spot.  She can do miracles”, says judge Mohit Gaikwad.

4) Rajkanya Baruah

Rajkanya Baruah is one of favorites for Femina Miss India 2016
Rajkanya Baruah


“Rajkanya has a stunning body and knows her angles very well. She seems very approachable. She can be a perfect pick for Miss Grand International or Miss United Continents for India!”, says judge Mayera Preet.

3) Pankhuri Gidwani

 Pankhuri Gidwani is one of favorites for Femina Miss India 2016
Pankhuri Gidwani


“Vibrant, well spoken and with great presence, Pankhuri has all the qualities to win Miss India. She is tall, has a mind of her own and great presence and sparkle on the ramp. In a short period, she has started to blossom under the tutelage of the Miss India Organization and it is exciting to see how much further she can go. A modern young Indian woman, she would be a great representative for us. What Pankhuri needs to focus on is working on the traditional aspects of a beauty queen – her skin, her figure, her styling. Once she has these sorted out, look out for her!”, says judge Jon A.

2) Sushruthi Krishna

Sushruthi Krishna is one of favorites for Femina Miss India 2016
Sushruthi Krishna


“Sushruthi can do very well in any international pageant.  Her personality reflects her beauty.  She is well-prepared and has good experience of pageants.  She can rock the pageant with her communication skills and Beauty With A Purpose project”, says judge Reena Arora.

1) Priyadharshini Chatterjee

Priyadharshini Chatterjee is one of favorites for Femina Miss India 2016
Priyadharshini Chatterjee


“Priyadarshini is a phenomenal girl who has all the guts to win it all..  Her demure personality, soulful eyes and enchanting beauty makes her stand apart..  If anyone can put India back to the top at Miss World, she is none other this leggy lass!”, says judge Kartik Behl.

We are very thankful to our judges Jon A, Mayera Preet, Reena Arora, Ritika Pal, Kartik Behl, Vagisha Mishra, RB Putki, Mohit Gaikwad, Kamartaj Pathan and Aman Singh.  Thank you for finding out time to be a part of this hotpicks.  We value your presence in our group a lot.

Complete Score sheet: http://i66.tinypic.com/nd055y.jpg (Highest and lowest scores removed like MU)

Credits: Femina Miss India 2016 Facebook