World Supermodel 2016 Results: Mongolia overall winner, India 3rd in Teens

World Supermodel 2016
World Teen Supermodel 2016 & Overall winner of pageant – Shinetuya from Mongolia

World Supermodel 2016 Pageant finals were concluded on 19th March 2016 in South Africa.  Shinetuya from Mongolia was declared as the overall winner of the contest and thus winner of Trump Model contract.  She won the Miss World Teen Supermodel 2016 title.  The winner of World Supermodel 2016 title was Malaika from Zimbabwe.  The first and second runner-ups to Malaika were Donna & Taylor from PNG & Australia respectively.  The first and second runner-ups to Shinetuya were Dane & Mansi Kadian from South Africa & India respectively.

World Supermodel 2016
World Supermodel 2016 winner Malaika from Zimbabwe

World Supermodel 2016 Pageant had it’s 9th Annual event this year.  Few other subtitles were also given.  Best Evening Gown went to Miss Zimbabwe Malaika.  Best swimwear went to Misha from United Kingdom.  Miss Congeniality title went to Zara from New Zealand.  Miss Photogenic title went to Miraciah from South Pacific.

World Supermodel 2016
India’s Mansi Kadian finished third in Teen Category

India’s Mansi Kadian won the first placement for the country and went placed in Top 3 in Teen category.  Marilyn Bothello, the winner of World Supermodel India 2016 title, returned back from South Africa due to sickness.

Credits: Official Facebook page of the pageant