Pageant Questions Contest – Season 2, Episode 5 [Results]

Pageant Questions Season 2 had yet another exciting episode!  We received 31 entries this time.  Meet the judges for this week’s ‪#‎PageantQuestions‬: Andreas Sarkar, Dipak Shahi, Lisbern Shawn, Roopesh Dsouza, Vagisha Mishra and Saloni Sharma.  We are trying our best so as to make this Pageant Questions Season more enjoyable and fun for all you guys. This time, judgement criteria is as follows:
1. The grammar, word spellings etc. will be taken into consideration
2. The answers falling within the word limit (less than 100 words) will be rated from 7-9.9; 101-110 words: 7-9; 111-150 words: 7-8.5; 150 words and above: DISQUALIFIED
3.  Answers copied from other sources will not be considered in the competition.  For sake of grace, we will not be revealing those who have plagiarised.

Question of the week was:

pageant questions

The results are:

Winner – Aditi Pillai
Answer: That’s an interesting question! I think the best part about being a ‘human being’ is that we can talk, we can transform and cross the limits of imagination. We can bless, love, forgive, forget and hope because the best is yet to come. The world is our oyster. We can do whatever we want in this world. We are beautifully molded creatures and the creators. Fearless and courageous, we can be the change and spread the knowledge to people to help them realize the power within them. So, let’s hold our hands & be one. Thank you. Score: 9.002

1st Runner-up – Ashwarya Narangikar
Answer: God has given us humans the extraordinary power of intellect which i think is the best part about being a human. We are not among those ignorant beings whose sole purpose in life is to eat, survive and reproduce, but are those who strive to do something for the progress of the society, tend to understand the feelings of others and cherish the feeling of humanity. I think the humanity which we possess and which makes us think beyond our own needs is the best gift ever.  Score: 8.980

2nd Runner-up – Nehal Chudasama
Answer: The best part of being born as a “human being” is being born as one! We are graced with emotions, and enormous ways to express them… unlike any other creature on earth! We are among the most powerful existence. Be it intellectualy, emotionaly, physicaly, which we should cherish and utilise it to generate peace and help other species in their betterment by not harming, instead loving them! Score: 8.964

3rd Runner-up – Adney Goncalves
Answer: Humane, a trait derived from the word ‘human’. Why? Because that’s what sets us apart. This is what makes us unique from the rest of the species. We can easily distinguish what is right and what is wrong and be compassionate, affectionate and helpful not only towards our own kind but all things n general. Score: 8.914

4th Runner-up – Sanjana Karkera
Answer: The best part of being human beings for me is that we can think, we can use our mind, We’re all born with a unique purpose that we chase throughout our life. One of our main purpose is giving back. The knowledge we are living with is provided by our ancestors and now its our responsibility to work for the future. We are blessed enough to know the fascinating facts of life and universe .I consider my purpose is to bring modernity. We have our individuality, the power to communicate with heartbeats, adabtability to everything in the world and learn anything and everything. Score: 8.770

5th Runner-up: Christopher Vemagiri
Answer: As Kelseyleigh Reber, author of “If I Fall” rightly stated that “To be human is to make choices; the moment you allow others to make decisions for you is the moment you do an injustice to not only mankind but to yourself.” I think the best part of being a “Human Being” is the ability to FORGIVE even after making huge human errors and Reconcile through communication and sharing an understanding about each other’s feelings with empathy and reasoning which other species may not have the privilege to possess. Thank You. Score: 8.756

6th Runner-up: Ananthu Chelakkattu
Well for me, the best part of being as a human being is all about humanity which only comes from rational sense which helps us to understood what is right and what is wrong. Humanity comes when we started to love, share and care the people those who need it. Being with humanity makes a true person, a real person. Thank you. Score: 8.743