POLL: Should you be Aniporn Chalermburanawong or Olivia Jordan?

Aniporn Chalermburanawong, Miss Thailand and Olivia Jordan, Miss USA competed in Evening gown segment of Miss Universe 2015 where both of them appeared in stunning white gown with a long cape, bringing back the fashion which was lost few years ago. Although both the gowns were unique and quite different from each other when we get into minute detailing, the basic concept of attaching cape to white gowns seems similar. The question here arises is whether a pageant aspirant should be channelling the styling of Aniporn or Olivia if it has to be cape inspired gown? Here is our quick view:

Anirporn Chalermburanawong

Aniporn Chalermburanawong

Aniporn is a tall modelesque beauty who had this killer body frame. The gown perfectly fitted her image and persona. Adding to this, her hair style added a hotness factor to the segment. The gown was perfectly made for her and in our opinion, this was the best gown of the evening in Miss Universe 2015.

Olivia Jordan

Olivia Jordan

Coming to one of the most anticipated national winners in Miss Universe, Olivia just disappointed us with her bridal evening gown. We have seen her wearing a lot better evening gowns. In fact, her prelim evening gown or her photo shoot or even the USA finale gown could have done a lot better. This gown simply didn’t compliment her look. In our opinion, Aniporn should have advanced in the Top 5 of finale. However, we didn’t see that happening though.

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Picture Credits: Miss Universe Org.