Pageant Questions Season 2, Episode 4 [Results]

Pageant Questions contest had a rather unusual question for episode 4 of season 2.  It was not simple.  It laid down some assumptions for the participants that they had to tackle before answering the actual question.  It is easy to get trapped and call the “question” bad.  But the challenge is unravel the mess in the question and hit it head on.  We received 19 entries in total.

The question was:

Pageant Questions

Winner(s) – Chinkey Saini & Simeon Singsit (Tied)

Chinkey Standing on ground zero with the society, I have lend my ears to all sorts of criticism ,be it over the porn stars or our brave fighters. Not everyone can understand your journey, but that’s okay, it isn’t for them. Getting into entertainment where porn holds a large share is bound to bring accolades overnight whereas for a rape victim it’s an everlasting struggle to calf overall strength. Brushing through the definition, it’s about your willingness .Both witness a huge impact on their personal lives and any random person has no right to judge either of them. Do we have a standard for warriors , then why the rape victims ? In the diverse population we have a segment of sensible citizens who have looked over the incidences and managed to make this world a better place. I’m so grateful to them. For the rest wrought minds, our doctors will probably find a solution for them. Meanwhile let’s decide to change!
SimeonHonestly, the question itself is very sexist and ignorant about being a porn actor and a rape victim. Porn actors being treated as stars is because we make them a star. What one does in porn movies is one’s prerogative and they are famous because there is demand. It works on demand and supply concept. As for the unfortunate rape victims not being treated equally, it’s going to be difficult to change the mind-set of our society. Our society is still patriarchal and women being considered as the weaker one. In a country where, culture and lifestyle changes every 100 miles, it will take time to change the society but looking at the brighter side we have started to accept change with open arms though it might be less in numbers, still it is a welcome change. I want to end by saying Don’t be a silent victim or silent spectator, speak up. You don’t want it to happen to you and you don’t want to know till it happens to you
Score – 9.1

1st Runner-up – Aksha Chanda

A quintessential example of Indian double standards. But as for the truth, sunny Leone is not totally accepted in the Indian society as well. She’s given various types of names including “prostitute”. I guess it all comes down to fame, popularity and TV. Whatever comes on the TV, is accepted. If a rape victim becomes a movie actress, I’m sure she’s going to be equally accepted. But in the society, neither would get easily married. Yes, this is the bitter truth. And another point being, porn stars choose to be what they are, rape victims are the actual victims. So before accepting porn stars, (who at some level are accepted) we must accept rape victims. They are the ones in dire need for support. The solution is literacy. People need to broaden their mind-sets and be a little more accepting. Not just for rape victims and porn stars, but for the LGBT community as well. Acceptance is the key to a healthy society.
Score – 8.92

2nd Runner-up – Hemanth Macha

Hello everyone! This question is very fine on a range of talking about the equalities of a rape victim in our society but for that we can’t compare it with the stardom of porn stars it is like we are degrading them for what they are doing for filling their stomach. More over I don’t think so rape victims are abandoned in this society, people are always standing with them but just to act socially responsible person in social media but not internally. They would post paragraphs about her on Facebook wall but no one is ready to add them in to their family pictures an their walls. This particular thinking had to be changed virginity of a person does lie in her heart and not in sex. Forget the past and start a new journey towards your future, who knows life is waiting with treasures of secrets for you. Thank you
Score – 8.87

3rd Runner-up – Kartik Behl

Woman have always been shut in shackles of bondages..and r treated as objects. Though d thinking has changed to a certain extent but still there is a long way to go….i have nothing against porn-stars but d stigma attachd with a porn star nd a rape victim is at par with each other..wat breaks my heart is dat a rape victim never asked to be raped while a pornstar did it for a living…a rape victim should be treated as a human being atleast and we should stand by them nd support with with full valour…I wish and pray that we should value a person for wat they our rather than eyeing them for selfish motives nd sexual interest..if at all we cud change,it will make dis world a better place for living
Score – 8.56

4th Runner-up – Iftekar Alam

Porn stars and Rape victims can be never compared with each other, the most important thing is your thought which is more important than art To revere art and have no understanding of the process that forces it into existence, is finally not even to understand what art is, the same way porn stars do wat they do it with their own wish nobody enforce them to do wat is not necessary, but the rape victims are being enforced for wat they do not will for, and when it comes to equality I think people in our society now more spiritually and physically awaken about rapes and they do get justice for what happens with them, people are no more that delicate and fragile to accept such things, they stand against it and serve d appropriate justice, the Nirbhaya rape case can be set as an example for what equals rape victims in our society or not!
Score – 8.51

Congratulations to the winners