Alexandria Mills: Some interesting facts about the Birthday girl

Alexandria Mills
Alexandria Mills with her husband Franklin Hibbs

 Alexandria Mills, winner of Miss World 2010, turns 24 today.  She was born on 26th February 1992 in Louisville, Kentucky.  She is the second woman from the United States of America to win the Miss World title, the first being Gina Tolleson – Miss World 1990.

Alexandria Mills was a confident and outgoing girl in school.  In 8th grade, she was clear about being a model and had a portfolio ready.  She was chosen by Elite Models as Miss World United States 2010 and went to represent her country in Miss World 2010 which was held at Sanya, China.  At 18, she was one of the youngest girls there.  At 27, the oldest contestant in the pageant was Miss Kazaksthan Asselina Kuchukova.  Alexandria established herself as one of the front-runners for the main title when she finished second in Miss World Beach Beauty event.  The winner was Yara Lasanta of Puerto Rico.  Later Alexandria finished third in Miss World Top Model event.  The winner was Miss Norway Mariann Birkedal, a pageant veteran who also finished third in Beach Beauty & Sports.  The first runner-up was Miss Russia Irina Sharipova.  By the time of finals, Miss Norway was deemed as the big favourite for the Miss World title.  Alexandria Mills was also one of the favorites, although she was never deemed as the ultimate favourite, unlike Rolene Strauss in 2014 or Megan Young in 2013.  In the finals, the big favourite Miss Norway was only Top 7 finalist.  Many blame it on the strained relationship between China and Norway at that time.  Alexandria Mills won the Miss World title with Botswana and Venezuela as her runner-ups.  Her victory was a surprise to those who didn’t follow the pageant closely.  But to those who did, it was not a surprise.  Alexandria was very confident and focused from day one.  After a celebrated reign, she married Franklin Hibbs in 2012.  Now she works as a fashion model and TV host.

Credits: Her Twitter Account