Nia Sanchez and Tegan Martin create ‘Universal Confidence’ Workshops


Nia Sanchez and Tegan Martin have teamed up to create “Universal Confidence”, a series of workshops that help girls overcome self-esteem issues.  These kicked off in December at Las Vegas and now they are headed to Australia where they will be touring Tasmania, Sydney and New Castle.  They teach girls how to master interviews, health and fitness tricks, dealing with stress and also a good walk.  Basically they are grooming girls to become more confident without becoming models or beauty queens.

Miss USA Nia Sanchez was 1st Runner-up at Miss Universe 2014 pageant where Paulina Vega of Colombia won.  In the same pageant, Miss Australia Tegan Martin was a Top 10 Finalist.  Both the girls had cleared the swimsuit competition in the finals.  Both the girls confess of having serious self-esteem issues during their teens.  Tegan Martin says she had body confidence issues while Nia Sanchez had to live in women’s shelter at one point during her teens due to divorce of her parents.  The girls strongly sympathise with teens who are facing low-confidence issues due to unrealistic standards about beauty and body.  Hence they have come up with these workshops with an aim to do their bit in helping these girls live better lives.

Just like Nia Sanchez and Tegan Martin, former Miss Universe contestants Shandi Finnessey (Miss USA 2004, Miss Universe 2004 1st Runner-up) and Susie Castillo (Miss USA 2003, Miss Universe 2003, Top 15) have also teamed up and are working together, preparing pageant aspirants in the USA to pursue their dreams.  Their disciple Olivia Jordan won Miss USA 2015 and later finished third in Miss Universe 2015.

Images: Tegan Martin on Facebook